lost and cosmic words

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Submitted: July 15, 2018

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Submitted: July 15, 2018



Alien Love Poem


These sensations have no single meeting point.

The ribbons of particle matter dance in parallels like waves of aurora

Sweeping across your gentle form.


I don’t know where we met.

It may have been a dream but the fact is

I remember you.


You traveled through so many galaxies

and learned the songs of myriad languages.

You spoke in ways of Love

in shapes that are not symbols.

Love beyond any words or forms that I had ever known. 

Even when I remember you 

It is like you are showing me my own senses 

buried and lost behind the ways that I have been.


The ribbons of your smile

Are calm, surrendered, unfolding leaves of energy.


Born of dancing with raw hunger

We glide into the boat of green and silver water

Naked as the moon.

You say that it is the flow that shows us things;

electric patterns, singing waves, pulsing rhythms

that I may have known but never believed.


In the melodic boat swinging wildly

beneath the blazing starlight

the embryonic fluid of interspecies children

combines and generates heat.


Gushing streams

growing organs out of leaves

the rippled veins of time were once

bacteria, making interstellar leaps of faith.


 We are growing and dying as slowly as trees expand

Ringing spiral songs through roots that tickle and itch

Sipping streams made up of elements

lighter and more buoyant than water.

We are quite still, and yet we are moving at a radical pace

a blinking speed so patient for the pleasure

of the fruit it bears.


In this fluid I have learned to love your tentacles

and your million eyes

just as I have learned to love the scent of molten rocks,

of fresh cucumber.


So many differences and yet

there are mutations of mutations that we share


in the combinations of our lives.


Floating here together

I remember the mystery of things.

The darkness rises

Sparking universes and splitting us off

Hurtling us home.

© Copyright 2019 Crystal Noon. All rights reserved.

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