Falling Above Gray.

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"Honey just fall asleep. Nothing will happen. I'm right here"
"ok just don't leave me alone, please!"

Submitted: July 20, 2010

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Submitted: July 20, 2010



Walk all the way to the street just walking to a nowhere to go. Always walking, never stoping. Untile you see a yellow, green light.

When you see that stop and fall into a deep gray hole never screaming, always moving, but nothing you  can see. Everything is gray just like a fog, just you moving without a care in the wolrd. But theres a problem........

theres is no Wolrd.

Then in a hole of gray you see bright yellow eyes, orange braclett. Ring on a invisible body. Green Convers. Heaadphones. Blue headphones. Falling down onto your hand.

Yellow eyes that stare at you. Orange bracelet in the wrist of a familiar stranger. Ring on a hand, pointhing at you.

Green Convers taking one step at a time throwrds you. Always walking never stoping. Untile sintemiters from you.

Your faling into a deep gray hole. always moving moving never Screaming. One touch from a yellow eyed, orange braclet wearing,green Convers walking, Blue headphone dhearing, ringed finger familiar sranger.One touch from the finger and it's all gone. No more gray hole. Just an empty stree. Just you, and a Yellowed eyed, orange bracelet,green Convers and ringed finger boy staring at you from the Yellow Gree light.

Red light and it's all gone.

Waking up to a empty room.

Green Convers beside the bed. Orange braclet on the desk. Blue headphones on the chair. Yellow eyes staring at you from the left, and a ringed finger stroking your cheek.

"Are you OK?"

Smiling "Never been better" snugle closer. Yellow Green light above both of us, just waithing to turn


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