Love Hostage

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a poem about a boy who can't accept the past & is stringing me along.

Submitted: October 29, 2012

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Submitted: October 29, 2012






this boy, he leaves me with chills that run up my spine when he whispers.

looking up at him, into those eyes that gleam and glimmer.

from the very beginning there was something undeniable.

he finally made me feel like my heart was solid, nothing pliable.

it wasn't like the others, no one ever had this effect on me
the feeing like I'm drowning in his love, but can still breathe
and when i take in two lungs full of oxygen, 
i feel like a child, even happier than back then.
You're my drug my addiction that even rehab can't yield.
next to you, i feel safe, you are my night in shining armor, my shield.
from whatever comes my way from the dying depths of hate.
with you i am alive and no longer someone's disposable bait.
But wait, theres something i'm missing.
you still love her, the girl you were used to kissing
if it werent for a mistake you made back then.
a regret that you mention again and again.
i wish like her you could just let go
i wish i never even had you to know.
but its too late,
you are locked inside these gates.
These gates i call my mind, and you can never escape.
You're a love hostage bound with rope and tape.
If only you could just stop the dwelling
and show me something not worth selling.
Give me your heart, served on a silver platter.
Cause it feels like I'm climbing an endless ladder.
To reach you and your feelings.
I guess you're just too quick for me.
I won't try to compete with the past anymore.
I'll just continue to let my heart pour and pour,
till there's nothing left and i become entrapped in the thought of you.
I become a hostage of you.


-Adriana Crystal

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