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A night well spent between a wife and husband

Submitted: May 24, 2017

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Submitted: May 22, 2017



I poured the expensive red wine into two glasses and offered to him . He seemed quite stressed about something and I knew the perfect solution on how to remove stress . I pulled down the curtains and burning our favorite scented candle , I switched off the lights .  I removed my sloppy pajamas and changed into the recent lingerie I purchased from Victoria Secret . It was the red lacy lingerie and it fitted perfectly and my curves looked prefect with the lingerie . I put on some cologne and perfectly pouted my lips with the red lipstick from Chanel which he got for our anniversary .I wore the golden stilettoes and made my hair a bit messier . I opened the secret drawers , removed some stuff which was stress reliever .


I saw him taking a sip from his glass of wine .  I turned on some romantic music , his favorite had been the saxophone , his preference was mine and slid the Kenny G disc in the player. I blindfolded him this time and tied him to the bed with the fluffy cuffs . I took an cube of ice in my mouth and kissed him coldly with the ice . The ice was so cold which made him move his veins , I felt a cold shiver through his body . A woman’s touch Is what a man needs . I slowly moved my  hands across his bare body and I could feel his abs clearly . I leaned against his body I came close an I could hear the breathing  getting faster , I tilted my head and leaned my body against his chest , and leaned towards his neck , sucking the neck and giving him a quickie . I heard him moan and this had me turned on . He was resisting himself from the cuffs and the blindfolds had me made him more restless .


I sat on facing him , slowly opened his pants and making my hands through his pants , reached the sensitive body part and stroking it , made him pre cum . I felt the pre cum in my hands . As soon as I opened the blindfold as well as the cuffs , he swiftly turned over me and came on top of me . He leaned on me and kissed my neck making me moan , he hands swiftly went down and touched my clitoris , the touch of his cold hands on my clitoris was heaven , made me feel like I was on cloud nine . The pace had increased and this made me more wet . The more wet I was , the more hard he become .He  slowly put the dick in my pussy, it went so easily cause it was well lubricated . The pace had become faster , we changed our positions , doggie being my personal favorite . Doggie was my personal favorite cause of that I would receive the maximum pleasure . His stress was relieved . 

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