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It is a Crazy mad world. The main character who calls itself Bones never reveals its gender or even if it is a human being. It is a happy world where no one can ever be sad or able to express their feelings. Does Euphoric World ever find out the real truth? Can Bones make it out alive?

Submitted: April 19, 2016

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Submitted: April 19, 2016



I have always wondered how the world would be with violence, hatred, and full of sorrow. A place where anyone can cry after a break up instead of laughing it off. Everyone would be able to express their true feelings. Anyone could finally rebel against their parents, and disobey their teachers. Bodies won’t have to put a fake smile on their face, or even laugh about getting hurt. The thing is that never happens in Euphoric World. Everyone hates Sundays and Wednesdays, but loves Mondays and Tuesdays. Every Wednesday is the first day of school and Sunday is the last. I can’t believe tomorrow is Wednesday already, I hate school. The only thing I look forward to is meeting Beast and Buster, they are identical brothers who have been my best friends since I was born. My mom and their mom are friends and gave birth to us in the same room at the same time. They are practically my real brothers. We always do this thing where we come back from school and watch this show called “The world, An Alternate Universe”. It’s this weird show about bodies being called “People” and “Humans”, and their names are dog names and dog names are body names. So technically all of us in Euphoric World have dog names at least that is what humans from The World would think. Beast, Buster, and I think of it as an interesting show because anyone can be sad, or cry their souls out. At the same time they can be happy, create crimes, and are really greedy. They get payed to do their jobs, and become famous to be rich. Unlike Euphoric World where we just need to get our flu shots to earn good food and a house, the more flu shots gives us the luxury of whatever we want. The thing is our world is too safe, they say if we don’t get our flu shots we will all get sick and die faster. I have to learn about this every day at school. At the moment it is 3 pm, I can’t wait till Beast and Buster come over so we could watch our show! Oh wait they are finally here! Buster looks at me funny as usual and says, “Wow still going on with that diary eh?” The thing with Buster is that he asks me the same damn question every time I’m writing, like right now while I’m writing all of this he’s trying to look over my shoulder, he’s a weirdo. The show is going incredibly great so far, but the craziest thing just happened. Romeo and Juliet, the two main characters just died! Now we just have to wait till the next episode shows on screen. During the commercial break I saw an ad that said, “Wanna talk to the Officials? Put your name in the box to be picked! Anyone picked gets one wish granted!” It sounds so cheesy, but then I thought hey maybe if I get picked they can grant my wish. So right now Beast, Buster, and I are writing my name a thousand times to put into the box! In half an hour the Officials are going to choose a name. The countdown has begun, “The body that has been chosen to be granted one single wish is...Bones!” Yes, I have been selected, thankfully I can make this world a better place. The officials take my hand and as I walk past by many rooms I see a room full of injections which is pretty weird because this wasn’t a hospital. They led me into a massive room filled with food and big chairs. I told them clearly what I wanted, “I want our world to have a month where we can express our feelings, be sad, and create as many crimes as we want”. The officials just laughed at me and said, “Like the show? You get one wish and you ask us to become like a show for a month? No one will be able to be sad, we guarantee that is impossible, but if that’s your wish so be it. Your wish is granted”. I was very skeptical on their words but as I walk outside the doors people are trying to be actually sad. Days have been passed and only one crime has been made, a teacher stole a pencil from the bookstore. A week has passed and gladly things are progressing, bodies are fighting, and showing their emotions. Two weeks have passed things are getting worse, bodies are actually in jail for crimes like killing. A lot of bodies hate me for the wish I had made. The weird thing is only half of the world was able to express their feelings, the other half is still forced to smile. I tried to talk to the Officials, they got so mad at me that they pushed me into a dark room. I tried to find light only to realize where I actually was, the injection room. I looked at the formulas and was just messing around since I was held hostage at the moment. There was this one main chemical that was mixed into our flu shots, it was called Beatific. At the moment my head was blank, beatific meant happiness. That’s when I figured out why the Officials pushed me into this room. They thought I found out their truth. We were forced to be given flu shots to be happy, that explains why the rest of the world didn’t become unhappy. This explains why the Officials said it will be impossible for bodies to become like the show. Everything has been a great big lie, those who got the most shots who lived in big houses couldn’t be sad. Bodies that lived in small houses like me were able to express our true feelings. Right now I’m still held hostage, I don’t know what they will do to me. This is probably going to be my last entry for my first diary. Before I go if anyone finds this they should know that Euphoric World is based upon a lie. The Officials purposely wanted us to have dog names like from the show. They wanted us to be treated as dogs without us knowing. They wanted to tame us, force us to become happy. They knew if we expressed our feelings we could overthrow them. In reality we are all humans, yet treated as dogs. They created this stupid show to make us think Euphoric World is better than The World. I found out their truth, but the whole World needs to know the truth. I’m glad I made this wish. My name may be Bones, but I actually have a soul unlike the Officials. Hopefully Euphoric World will forgive me and find out why I truly wanted this wish. Bodies should realize that The World in the show is really a better place than ours, without the bad the good would not 


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