Mask's Reflection

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A poem I wrote while out on a walk late at night, I was walking by a river near a woodland and had a lot on my mind, particularly on how even with those who accepted my internal I still felt like it wasn't right, as long as I saw my physical body as it was it caused me a lot of pain and made me feel stupid so I wrote this mainly to get my feelings out.

Submitted: December 27, 2013

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Submitted: December 27, 2013



Reflections in the river

Every one but my own

Shadows stalking the darkness

Remnants of souls shunned by the light

Abandoned and forgotten like my heart

Abandoned and forgotten, out of sight


I try to sing

But I only scream

Feelings caught inside

Flailing for freedom

Drawing sympathetic ears

They try to help

But they could never understand

While I'm trapped I can never be free

While I'm trapped I can never be me


Many see this face

This mask of lies

A few see My soul

My soul of sighs

Even if you see my heart

I feel hidden

While in this disguise

I cannot be whole

No matter how many

See my soul

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