Beach of Dreams

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This is a short peice that I wrote about a day at the beach. It is a take on how I personally see the beach. Its a dream-like stance on how the beauty of the ocean makes people feel.

Submitted: January 07, 2012

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Submitted: January 07, 2012



The sound of water swallows you whole just as the sand beneath your feet take your toes far under its surface almost as if it were quick sand. People with kites and dogs run by you with smiles so immense you could see the whites from 100 yards away. The seagulls surrounding a dead fish that washed up onshore. Their sqwaks loud and typically obnoxious blended with the sounds of peoples laughter as they ran into the waves of the ragging sea. Standing there looking off into the horizon the sun is halfway hiding behind the waves, looks almost welcoming to me. The colors shine off the dark sea green and white caps of the waves in the distance. The suns warming colors and sounds around you, engulf you. Becoming the only person in the world, nothing can touch you, hurt you, or talk to you. The happiness overwhelms you. Far in the sky birds are flying, behind you kids are running, dogs are barking, and that fish still lays there is now missing most of its body. Reality sets back in. Walking down the beach leaving footprints the get washed away the moments they are made. During this time on the beach the feeling of realization sinks in, no matter what you do, time moves on. Things heal and disappear as you get older, nothing will ever stay the same, you must adjust to your surroundings before it swallows you whole, but for this moment in time let the sun, warmth, sand, water breath you in. This will stay with you for forever, who knows what else will?

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