Under the Red

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This is a short story. There is a small chance that I will finish this story but, let's hope I don't.

78 years passed after scientists found a way to predict people through their dreams. Raeanne lived a rebel life in the USA, or now known as Red. She’s been getting dreams about a hot, 18 year old guy. Does she know what she’s getting herself into or will she go down, like all the other rebels?

Submitted: July 18, 2012

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Submitted: July 18, 2012



18 with baby blue eyes and hair like the colour of autumn leaves. He always appears in my dreams. We only talked once. But, whenever I try to talk to him, I wake up. I never told anyone. No one can hold a secret. I can trust no one. Not even my own best friend. She'll spill my secrets if I told her. I guess you could say I have trust issues.
I open my eyes. I'm in the dream world. Ugh. Not again.
I see a light. A tunnel of light. Am I dying? I laugh. That cannot happen. I look beyond the light and I see him. Oh no. This is not good. They cannot find out about him! I struggle to wake up.
"Tsk, tsk, tsk. Raeanne. You have to cooperate with us."
"In your dreams." I laugh. It's so ironic.
The man is one of the Officials. The Officials supposedly take care of us but, I highly doubt that. My parents say that if I don't cooperate with them, we'll all be in danger.
"We'll try this again another time."
Not if I run away.

I go home. "Raeanne! This is the final straw!" my mom yells.
Haha. This is the last straw for me.
She goes on and on about random crap.
She eventually finds out that I'm not listening and then she leaves the room.
"Raeanne? You should listen to them." says my little sister Lily.
"Don't worry Lily, I got everything planned."
"Don't do anything stupid, okay?"
I nod. I lied to her.

The next day at school, my two best friends, Tris and Shay, come up to me. I met Tris back in Grade 2 and I met Shay because of Tris.
"Hey 16 year old freak!" says Shay.
"Psht. Whatever." I say. Shay has long muscular arms. What a girl wouldn't do for him. It's not like I like him or something. "Hey Tris!"

"Rae! It feels like I haven't seen you in forever. We need to go to the mall today!"
"I'm sorry. I'm grounded."
"Again? Ugh. How long this time?"
"Just a week."
"Oh. How kind of her." She says sarcastically.
I snicker.
The bell rang.
"Let's head off to class." says Shay.
We say our goodbyes. That might be the last time they talk to me.
Time for action. I rub my hands together then I start running down the street yelling "Fire! Fire!" People come out of their houses and then behind me, the school is on fire.
"Raeanne. I'm sorry. We have to get rid of you. You're a nuisance to our community." says the official.
"Well that's what I planned." I snapped.
"Rae, follow me."
"You have no right to call me Rae! I don't even know you!"
He doesn't say anything but, he takes off his mask and it's the guy. The guy in my dreams. No. No way. That. This is a dream. "Rae, now follow me."
"I'll follow if you tell me what's going on." I say calmly.
"We have no time!" He yells.
He startled me.
"Sorry." He mumbles. "Just follow me."
And I follow.

We walk down this long, dark hallway. The stench in there was terrible. There were some murmurs around the corner.
"Ugh. That girl. She's so stupid. She has no idea what she's getting herself into." says a girl.
"Drake should be getting the machine ready." says a guy.
"The sooner the better." says the girl.
My dream guy turns around the corner and slams his fist into the wall. "I heard my name. What did you have to say about me!?"
Holy. He's scary. I stay behind the corner.
"Uh. Sir. We didn't mean to talk. We were just saying how you were supposed to turn the machine on." says the girl.
My dream guy's name is Drake? Is he the boss of this place?
"Well don't talk about me again, got that?!" He yells.
"Sir Yes sir." says both of them.
"Now back to your positions. We don't need any more slackers." he says
They scurry off.
When we can't hear their footsteps anymore, he bursts out laughing.
"What's so funny?" I say.
“You have no idea.” He says.

“Please tell me.” I beg.
He just looks at me. And whack goes my vision. Someone hit me from behind.

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Under the Red

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