I am a soldier i don't need to be coddled.

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eh, it is just a random fluffy story :3

Submitted: March 31, 2013

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Submitted: March 31, 2013



The sun shone brightly through the window. That was a bad thing. "I'm late!" she bolted out of bed,she  noticed her bunkmates were gone, and quickly changed into uniform, regualr slacks and a white cotton shirt. "Why didn't they wake me up?" she asked herself.She ran through the halls and out into the courtyard, all the men wer already lined up for the march. She spotted her friend Jared and fell in the line behind him. "Thanks for the wake up call." she whispered harshly. "Hey it is not my fault you decided to sneak out and look at the pond or the stars, or whatever it is you women enjoy watching." he replied with a shrug. "Shut up." she said too loudly, she winced noticing her mistake. the captain stopped the march and asked, "Crystal Shii, out and forward." His voice echoed through the forest, his voice boomed loudly. "Yessir." she saluted. "When did you get here?" he asked. "I have been here the whole time sir." she lied. "Kitchen duty for you for a week." he announced before starting the march again. Jared decided to hold the conversations until they had their lunch.

"I heard we are getting new recruits." said Jared. "Really? As if we don't have enough half-brained boys among our ranks." she sighed. "You do realise you are half the age of most of the men here?" He asked. "With the intelligence of twenty of them." she responded.  "Oh look, here they come now." said Jared. About fifteen men walked in, one of them stood out from the rest. he looked familiar. he was the sort that looked like they didn't belong in the army. He wore a cotton shirt, grey, the most expensive dyed shirts, and black trousers. His blond hair reached his shoulders, Like a girl, she thought to herself. and his blue eyes were wide with disbelief, as if he had strayed from the road on the way to a salon. "Already got your eyes on pretty boy?" asked Jared. "What?"she asked. "You were staring." he said. "No i wasn't. if anyone was staring, it was you. Just don't try to kiss him upon first meeting him." she said before taking a bite out of her grilled fish. Jared's face reddened as he recalled a distant memory of him kissing the girl he 'loved' even though they only spoke one time. "May i take a seat?" asked a strong yet timid voice, he was confident but afraid he would get beat if he said the wrong thing. "Yeah go ahead." said Crystal. He sat down gracefully, which infuriated Crystal. The boy looked around and finally set his eyes on Crystal, he let out an audible gasp and asked, "You are a girl?" very stupidly.  "I dunno. Am I?" she asked. "I am very sorry, please forgive me. It's just that i- i never have seen a woman in the army..." he replied. "Why are you so surprised?" she asked. "Women don;t belong in the field, they are much too delicate and beautiful," he grabbed her hand gently and kissed it, "As you are." For ten seconds, she looked at him dead in the eye until she decided to punch his pretty little face.


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