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The down low of my life and i had to lift myself up by believing that I have a reason to...

Submitted: July 10, 2008

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Submitted: July 10, 2008




I have a reason to breath

reason to see you

and know that you are mine

I got reason to cry

for all my tears are meant for you,

I have reason to wait till I see you

no one I can love apart from you in this world

I have reason for everything in my life,

life is distressful sometimes but with your love

I got a reason to smile

for your smile I got my strength

I got a reason to live

from the patience

I got a reason to live

for hope and dream

I got a reason I will meet you

I miss a lover in my life,

I miss a true friend not just a friend

and with that

I still got a reason to wait,

your love will be a ever burning fire in my heart,

I will die waiting for you,

I got a reason to hope

hoping to be with you one of this fine day

all in you

all the reason of my life

I breath for your love

I pray to find you

I weep to know if you are the one


I got a reason

I got a reason

a reason to achieve my dreams,

my ambitions and my goals

I got a reason

I got a million reasons to wait for you.

Till then its reasons by Ernesto Tilalo written on 1st July 2008

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