The Truth to the Youths of South Sudan

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The youth should understand that to have better tomorrow, education is the key, and putting into practice what they have learn...Build the Nation and Keep Peace in the country...SPLA, SPLM, CPA = Peace, Democracy and Freedom.

Submitted: July 10, 2008

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Submitted: July 10, 2008




South Sudan the only Sudanese Nation

the youths should have motivations,

to fight the politicians with evil intentions,

or else our nation will be in tension,

to reach no destination,

without CPA implementation,

and thy shall not have cooperation,

the truths to the youth shall come from CPA,

The bible to the country is CPA.

And that is the truth to the youths,

Constitution should be the weapon,

Contribution to the government should be given,

Construction of towns, and villages from the youth,

Imagination of the youths being leaders from the government

Temptations from the enemies to be avoided,

Division as a weakness and unity as the strength to survival,

Addition of the youths in government,

the youth having the potential,

and that is the truth to the youths

The life of our dearly citizens

in thy youths hands,

the leaders of tomorrow,

and that is why,

youths should have CPA on the right hand,

Constitution on the left hand,

for the future fights against the enemies,

and the truth is

to equip the youth with knowledge about CPA,

to protect,

peace and freedom

unity and liberty

for the next generation

and that is the truth to the youths,

our late heroes,

shall not be zeros,

by delivering the marginalized people

freedom and peace

through CPA,

and it is for the youth to stretch their hands

to the government and the international community,

with awareness about CPA to the community.

And that is the truth to the youths

Written by Ernesto Tilalo Ngacigak

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