The Hatred for The X

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I'm writting this one ou of pure hatred for my ex...
I can never do this in real life. So i have to put it to paper

Submitted: May 26, 2008

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Submitted: May 26, 2008



I bought a knife today, I shall only use it one time
I'm only doing this for you. cause you said i'm a worthless piece of slime
The day seems slower than usual. Because tomorrow I start my new life.
A life without anything. Which is why i have the knife.

Man your place seems further away than normal, is this a fucking game?
Oh wait, i'm going the wrong way. damn i'm fucking lame.
Ah see there's your house. The one with the short green fence.
Did u end up getting that gate fixed.......nup. 3 years. all talk, no sense

Your front door is open, so i just walk right on in
and see u standing there like you have no feeling of sin
"what are you doing here?" she says with a nasty look on her face
"wasting away my life" i say, "fuck i'm such a waste"

"yes you are" she replies, "you are so fucking bad"
"well here take my life and make me stop being sad"
I get the knife out and put it to my throat
"yeh go ahead do it you fucking showboat"

i stop and pause, "no thats what u want, you selfish bitch"
"all you'll do is take me out and throw me in a ditch"
I take the knife away and stab it in the table with glory
"now is about the time i end this fucking story"

"you are nothing but a slut, a bitch and a waste of my life"
"So now that its over, you can take this fucking knife"
"I have stopped loving you. because this is all you'll ever be"
"a selfish bitch who does nothing but smokes and drinks with glee"

"and you don't think i know, that you slept with mick"
"I didn't think you got so low and he's such a fucking dick"
"get out of my fucking life, you dirty fucking slut"
"so you can take his fucking butcher knife and go and get fucked!"

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