The Hometown Hero

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A story think i'm writing for
Just a quick tale of a wrestler about to realise his dream.
Sorry to make it short...i'm running out of ideas to think of.

Submitted: June 03, 2008

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Submitted: June 03, 2008



One more.
He realised that the pipes that line the ceiling in his dressing room aren't the best place to do chin-ups, but he'd do anything to warm up just that little bit more.He dropped down to the floor and got down on one knee. Almost exhausted. 'I'm only warming up' he thought. 'I got tosettle down'.
He sits down on a cold black metal chair and watches the sweat drip onto the concrete floor below him.
It had been so long since he felt this nervous. The sweat across his forehead was more salty and stinging his eyes as gravity started to take effect with every movement that he made. His heart was more fluttery almost like he going to launch into hummingbird mode and he would have to fly graciously out the window in search of nectar.
The black jeans he was wearing felt like a sauna around his legs.
He hears the noise of the door knocking. 'Stupid metal doors' he thinks.
He answers the knocking calls to find hismate standing there in skin tight blue lycra pants with a black wrist band on his left wrist.
"Hey mate,i've gotthe segment coming up in a few mins." said man who was knocking.
His canadian accent was astonishing. He must be nervous too. Its never this bad unless he's nervous too.
"Dark or Live?" said Ben, looking at his opponentslong blonde hair as it was half covering his face, although Ben knew why."Adam your are going to have to show me that scar sooner or later. I'm still sorry about that by the way."
"Nah its okay, and it was my fault anyway. Its alive one. You don't need to be in it, just thought you might want to give some input." said Adam, who started to brush more hair in front of his forehead as he was talking. "Bu straight after that we have to go out and do our thing."
"Alright, but i'm going to see it out there anyway." Ben laughed and turned around and grabbed a big leather belt off the small table beside him and headed out the door with Adam.

Walking down the hall towards the black curtain, passing all the boxes and boxes of equipment that lined the walls,with every box that he passed, his heart began to beat harder and faster like it was trying to break free andrun inthe other direction. He was aving a lot of trouble holding the leather belt that was slipping out of his left hand from all the perspiration that was soaking up all over his body. He hadnever beenlike this.Benturned to Adam as he dodged to avoid more equipment and cables that lined the floor.
"Dude, i'm actually real nervous about all this. Like i'm going to screw up."
Adam stopped and looked at him. The giant bandaid now clearly visible on his swollen forehead.
"I'm not going to lie to you mate."
There was an awkward pause before Adam walked up put his arm on Ben's shoulder and said, "Yes, you are." They both laugh and head through the black curtain to the backstage area.
"You won't screw up." Adam said, "Believe me, I'm nervous right now but I don't show it. Because when i step out that curtain and into that arena, we change, and you know that."
Ben nodded in agreement. It's true. He will change when he walks out into that cauldron. His home town. The crowd will go insane for him and he knew that. Adam then interupts his thoughts, "They are here for you, not me."
"Adam!" yelled a man with a headset, "Your on in about 45 seconds."Adam then broke away and went to do his short segment. Only a few more minutes until showtime. Ben could've had a stroke.

"My guest at this time-" said the red headed girl towards the camera while she was holding an oversized microphone.
Ben then felt a tap on his shoulder. It was the boss. Ben could've thrown up.
"Ben, good luck out there tonight." said his boss looking smug as always. "Its always nice to be the end."
"Yes I know sir. I hope i don't disppoint."
"You won't disappoint Ben. You won't." As his boss turned and walked away, he accidently dropped his belt. Lucky he caught it before it hit the floor, that would've been embarrassing.
"-in this match, I will destroy Nemesis and win back the World Title. So to everyone out there, if you boo me. 'Screw You'!" ended Adam in his interview. He always knew how to piss the crowd off but he enjoyed it so much. The only guy Ben knew who could be a jerk and be happy about it. He started to run after Adam when the camera was switched off trying to jump over all of the cables that surround everything.
"Adam! Hold up." Adam turned around and Ben quickly shook Adam's hand, smiled,and said "Game on."
Adam looked back, smiled and replied, "Game on."
Ben heard the unmistakable tune of 'Metalingus' by Alterbridge as the rosein a symphony of hissing and 'boo's to Adam as he came out of the curtain leaving Ben to stand at the side of the curtain and think about the night ahead.
He looked down and held the leather belt covered in gold towards his face. 'The World Champion' he thought. 'Nemesis IS the champion.' he kept repeating this over and over in his head. The sweat in his eyes was burning into his brain. The thought of the night ahead was unbearble. A huge weight started to lift off his shoulders as he thought about what his boss said to him moments earlier. 'You won't disappoint Ben.' He realised that no matter what he did out there tonight, everyone was going to adore him and follow his every move.He put the belt around his waist and cliked all the buttons in place.He smiled and said to himself, "I am the champion."

As he heard his "Not all who wander are lost" by Devil Driver start to play. He took in a big sigh of relief as the 70,000 screaming fans all rose as one to scream for his arrival.
Then the ring announcer made his entrance feel perfect "and from Brisbane, Australia. Weighing in at two hundred and forty-six pounds. He is the World Heavyweight Champion. The Nemesis!!!"
Ben lept out from behind the curtain to a see of light and cheers. He had never experienced anything liked this before. The crowd was huge. I mean, he had seen crowds but this was HUGE! How could so many people fit into one stadium.
"YEH!" Ben screamed. Like it could be heard by anyone anyway. He didn't care. They were here for him. They were all here to see their champion.
Overcome with emotion he almost forgot the job at hand. But entertaining the crowd is what he gets paid to do. Every action, every chant got a huge reaction from his hometown audience.
Ben started his way down the ramp and quickly glanced at the ever appreaciatve crowd. Not one person was sitting down. The stuff that reams are made of. A hometown standing ovation. He stopped, looked aroundand all hecould dowas smile as he was overcome with intense emotion.
It was thistime that he noticed the signs that fans had gone to alot of trouble to prepare.
'Nemesis, The Aussie Champ!"
"Nemesis. We <3 You!"
and his personal favourite from a fan right up in the corner,
a sign that had the Australian Flag as a background and GAME ON! written over the top.
As he continued, high-fiving every fan on the guard rail as they called and screamed his name. He could fell the belt around his waist move aroundto flaunt the fact that he was the champion. The crowd semed to get louder with every step that he took down the ramp as he got closer and closer to the ring.
'Wow' he thought to himself. As he made his way up the metal stairs and stepped in between the ropes and into the wooden ring. He stared at Adam, took the belt off from around his waist and held it up to the crowd who cheered louder again.
He looked around one more time and smiled again as the referee took the belt away and gave it to the ring announcer for safe keeping. The bell then rang to signify the start of the match.
Ben smiled and gave Adam the bird along with the 70,000 fans in the arena. "Game on" he thought...

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