The time of year

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Just how I feel every freaking year..

Submitted: May 26, 2008

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Submitted: May 26, 2008



Sitting on the couch
Drinking the last sip of coke i have left
The dull expression tells the story
I've run out again

I go to the fridge
yep i've run out
no more sugar for me today
back to dullsville

i'm in my best suit
my hair is all greasy
i'm wearing expensive cologne
but i dont feel like going out

'time to go' i think to myself
so i get up and head out the door
shit, i forgot the rubbish again
eh i'll do it when i get back

walking down the path
kicking every pebble in my way
a good and quick way to ruin a nice pair of shoes
or a fun game. either way is fine

i stop by the florist
and buy one rose cause all the money i have
and i gotta keep walking
although i'm not in any hurry

as i pass the long green metal fence
memories begin to flutter
every year i feel like this
doesnt get any easier

i walk along a path that i know all to well
i can tell u how many steps it is from one end to the other
but i've never been down the end
its just as well i guess

I stop and turn right
my heart flutters again
god i hate this time of year
i'm always such a mess

I stop in front a plaque
one that i always read
"here lies the best girl ever"
a tragic loss indeed

I put the flowers down and speak very softly
"i love you with all my heart"
it never gets easier to say
although i mean every word

my love was taken from me
3 years ago today
she was on her way to see me
to celebrate this day

I'm alone on this valentine's day
Like it is every other year
but i have someone with me forever
and she's always in my heart

they can take her body
they can take her soul
but they cant take my memories
they are forever mine to hold

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