Letters to Lily

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Some random letters to some advice girl :)

Submitted: March 06, 2013

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Submitted: March 06, 2013



Dear Lara, I have this bestie. A BOY bestie. I like him...but i don't know if he likes me or not? Will this ruin our friendship? From Molly-May.xx

Heya Molly-May! Lots of us have a Phineas, and for a few of us, its bad news on the other end. Don't hesitate to ask him, and if you get rejected- so what? There are plenty more fish in the sea, and besides, if he has a think, he may like you too! Or he could pretend it never happened and you can stay friends! Love, Lara ;)

Dear Lara, Your advice helped soooo much!!! He DID have a crush on me! For the 10 years since we met! Things are great, and we were voted 'cutest couple in the class'!!! My Luke is the BEST. Love, Molly-May.xx


Sophie: Hey Lara! I need help. I have a problem!!

Lara: Hi Sophie, what's wrong?

Sophie: Well, I keep dreaming of this boy in my class- have no idea why!!!

Lara: Hmm..seems like somebody has a crushy!

Sophie: What IS a crush?

Lara: Where you fancy someone, want to go out with someone, or love someone that isnt a close relative.

Sophie: Okay, but why dreams?

Lara: You dream about things you have thought about.

Sophie: Oh, but what do they mean?

Lara: Explain the dream for me.

Sophie: Well, a twister destroys my house, just as Zak's car goes past. His mum motions that I should tag along, seeing me cry. I then get in next to Zak and he sees me sad. Then he says, \"Will this make you better?\" and kisses me. Thats always when I wake.

Lara: Okay...this means you want to kiss him. If I were you, I'd study how much out of character he was. If he seems the same, tell him. If not, tell him anyway! And don't be afraid of rejection!

Sophie: Thanks! You should be awarded ;)

------------------------------------- To: laralovehelp@quillé.com From: ilovedan@heygal.co.uk Subject: Bestie BF!!!!

hey lara i am really sad because me and my bff both like dan but a year ago my bff casey asked him out. he agreed and now they will never break up and get married and have kids and i will have to marry someone like ryan!!!!

To: ilovedan@heygals.co.uk From: laralovehelp@quillé.com Subject: I am sorry ;(

Heya, poor girlie! Sorry about Dan and Casey,but you can't MAKE them break up. I imagine that eventually they will, but it may take a long time. Either find someone new, or wait until he is single and ask him first! Hopefully he will say yes! Lala;)

------------------------------------- Jamie Cottage 5 Ferran Road Shardlire Farnerby England Great Britain Europe Earth The Solar System The Milky Way The Universe

Hi. I like someone. They hait me. I wantde the last dans but they sad no. Anonymous.

Heya Jamie. Just cuz you put anonymous, doesnt mean that the adress will be anonymous!! Just be yourself and talk to her. She may see your inside. Lara ;)

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