The Twisted Love

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

My first story I made. If there is any problem with it just tell me and i will learn from my mistakes.

It's about a man who tried to love someone but he failed. But he found a crucial way to get her love.Read it and you might understand it in the end.

Once upon a time in a kingdom called Vitalia there lived a beautiful princess called Annie. People loved her very much and when she passes by them they bow with respect. But one man was crazy fallen in love with her and when he tries to ask her to be his lover she refused and now he is trying to find a way to get her attention to love him,  In a crucial way….


“Annie come here for a second” cried his mother the queen.”Look at this mess it’s awful, No wonder your father hired extra cleaners to do the job”

“But mother..” Replied Annie in a soft voice.”This place isn’t so bad, it looks beautiful to me”.

Her mother didn’t say a word and left the guest room in a rush. Annie always thought that her mother was kind of grumpy and bossy, but her father was nice, gentle and sweet. He treated his people kindly and when he is having a royal court he usually do what is best for everyone.


As Annie was going down a hall a servant came to her and bowed before saying anything.

“ Princess Annie, A guest is expecting you to come to the royal garden immediately”

The servant bows again and walked back to his post. Annie who was confused was going to the garden as the message speaks. At the fountain there was a man with a young face and wore a beautiful attire who was sitting and gazing over the palace. Annie came closer to him and said

“Greetings young man, why did you summon me here?” Said Annie.

“I came here to see you my lady, You are my shining star and you are part of my life which I was looking for all these years” said the Young man in a sweet voice.”Be my princess and I’ll be your prince forever more as I will hold you till the end of days…”. Annie was admired by his confession but she must refuse now as there is someone already taken her which is mighty and heroic and also the crown prince of a kingdom.”I am so sorry my sweet prince for I am engaged with another young prince like you”.”But please do take this wonderful flower as a reminder of your sweet confession” Said Annie in a lovely voice. As she left the man with a bow and went on inside the palace the man was crushed and hatred filled his soul. He went back to his villa with rage and thinking all night long without sleeping, eating or drinking for 2 days. He was madly in love with her and all that courage was wasted.”This is unacceptable !” Shouted the mad man.”She should be with me not with a another sick old prince !”.”I must find a way to get her attention to me but in a crucial way…”. Said the mad man In a crazy voice.


In a month later, The kingdom was having a celebration as the beautiful princess Annie was about to get married in about a week. The kingdom rejoice and the people was very happy as the king gave free beers for the whole night and free wine for the rich. As Annie was about to give a speech to its wonderful people a strangely masked man appeared in the centre of the whole crowd and said.”You were my love of my life and I did everything to get your love to me, But you refused and now I will get you by any means necessary” Said the masked man in an angry tone. The king heard this and commanded his imperial guards to capture the strange fool. Annie was shocked to hear this and when she saw that there was a flower in the mans jacket she remembered now, But then she fainted because of the whole confusion. As Annie was gained conscious she was lying on a bed and her left feet was chained. She was now filled with fear as the room was damp and dark and the walls of the rooms are really old like an abandon castle. She was trying to force her way to get out but the chain was tightly locked to her. She began to cry and cried for help but none came . Annie who was now tired and hungry lied on the bed and went to get some sleep. But then a man came to her and touched her face gently slowly trying to kiss her on the lips. Then as the man kissed her Annie was surprisingly awake and she was filled with more fear then ever, As the man came closer to her and tried to do horrible things on her she fought back and try to run away but then the man pulled beautiful golden hair and said. “Now you will be mine forever and there will be no one here to save you except me, For now I can do anything to you as I want and you will obey my every command as you will be my slave.” “If I am done with you I will kill you or let you live to be mine forever !” Said the man in a mad tone.

“Please sir, let me go as I am still 19 years old and I don’t know the outside world as it is yet”. “Please sir don’t harm me as I am still young and weak, Please sir...” cried Annie. But the man was cold hearted and will do anything to her even by killing her if necessary.


News from the kingdom of Vitalia has spread to all over the continent. Many heroes came to get their reward as the king made a high bounty for those who can save their princess and show the head of the villain who took her. None came back successful but a strange man came and said that he could save the princess and bring the head of the villain but he doesn’t want any reward but to marry her and love her forever as his reward. The king who has no other options agreed on the mans trade. He went off to find the place where the princess was hided for days. As he has found the abandoned castle he saw a man standing on the top of the castle. He went to the entrance and shouted “Heed me villain as I will slay you and rescue the lost princess of vitalia”. No reply then he went on and found himself in a hallway filled with many doors. He opens them one by one but all the doors and filled with skeletons that wore dresses. The man was shocked to see this as this castle is filled with female skeletons and just as he realized this place was once owned by lord duke shepherd. He was the most dishonorable knight because he kidnapped princesses and beautiful lady’s and lock them in this castle and torture them whenever he fells it. For now the man saw the villain running down to a room and locked the doors. The man knew that room is where the princess is held. He kicked the door with all his might and broke it loose. As he enters the room the villain had his knife on the princesses throat. The villain said “So you are the one they call the hero, is that it?”. “As you can see you have no choice but to surrender for I have the princess and is ready to be killed...” laughed the villain in an evil tone.

“I did not come here to kill you, I came here to rescue the princess”. “She was my shining star and took it away from me !” Shouted the man. Annie was confused because she knew that tone and that lovely sound, it was almost like the young prince near the fountain of her palace. Things was way out of hand but then she realized the man that kidnapped her for days wasn’t that young prince it was her fiancé.”Everything was planned that night” said the villain. “The celebration that night was a trap to get the princess because most the guards are drunk and many of them are unarmed”.

“But why?” said Annie

“Because I am the son of the lord duke shepherd, My father said that a princess called Annie is your last target. Get her and do whatever you want to do with her but one thing straight, Make sure she is…”. As the villain was about to complete his story the young prince took his chance to hit him for he has lost his guard and was slipped off trying to tell his story. The young prince sliced the villain with his sword and was hurt badly and fell down to his knee. The young prince who was in raged didn’t hesitate to cut the villain’s head and picked it up. Annie who was seriously tortured and injured was carried by the young prince and returned to her place safely.


The king was overjoyed to see his daughter and the head of the villain that kidnapped her and rewarded the young prince his beautiful daughter to marry him. After days has passed the young prince and the princess Annie was married and they lived happily ever after.


Submitted: January 20, 2012

© Copyright 2021 Csource1101. All rights reserved.

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I love it its adorable!:)

Fri, January 20th, 2012 5:01am


Thank you :D, really appreciate your compliment

Sun, January 22nd, 2012 2:50am

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