Feeling the fear of the wightlike grip upon my arm as they drag me.

Away, first day, walked out to the side of the road to see.

Strangers, all I see, they take me away down, the road away from my home.

Afraid, never never supposed to roam.

Taking me away from my Mom.

My Mom crying, is she worried, is she afraid, what from.

I cannot go, "Where is my Dad?"

Tears streaming down my face, so sad.

Riding the big bus, to the big brick place, more than a mile.

Old lady, leaning down, a cracked and crooked smile.

She takes my hand and leads my down the hall.

Into a room, she says to me "very cool."

"Welcome to kindergarten, your first day of school."

Submitted: April 08, 2012

© Copyright 2023 csvelemental. All rights reserved.

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