A Short story of my creation and life as seen from my point of view both then and now.

I was born in Anaheim California to my Mother, and at the time a Stepfather.

It is my understanding, my Stepfather was away at the time of my birth, he was in Vietnam as a United States Marine. My Mother was married to him. She said she was never really happy with him, she only agreed to marry him because of pressure asserted by her Mother and Sisters. My real Father ironically also was serving in Vietnam and had previously also asked my Mother for her hand in marriage, when he found out she was pregnant with me. My Mother politely refused to marry my Father, she told me she said to him that she did not want to just marry someone just because they were going to have a child. My Father broken hearted left for Vietnam.

According my my Mother, her Mother thought little of her at that time in life. My Grandmother (Rose)absolutely worshipped my Stepfather (Jay)though and thought he was a very good parent to myself and my little Brother that came along when he came home from Vietnam. My Grandmother was instrumental in removing me from my Mother, along with my Brother. Through trickery and my Mother's limited legal knowledge, Stepfather moved us away from her and kept me hidden and raised us. My younger Brother is Jay's biological son.

As a child we went to 21 different schools up to and includinghigh school, only theone high school though. After high school I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. I was a sharp and well disciplined Marine qualifying in the top ten percent out of Marine boot. I was an expert marksman and had a very high military apptitude test. While slightly above average in physical fitness, I was able to excel. I became part of a Marine Scout Sniper team based out of Kaneohe Marine Base Hawaii. I served in that capacity for two years.

After the Marines, I went to souther California. I worked odd jobs and enjoyed the sun and played. I did this for about two years and in 1990, I re-enlisted, but this time into the U.S. Army. I traveled so sunny and humid Fort Polk Louisiana. Louisiana was an amazing experience for me, having been from Oregon, the temperatures in Louisiana were close to what I thought hell must be like. I served in the Army for a total of six years, serving in Korea, Fort Hood Texas. I got out as a Sergeant, and an Infantry Squad Leader.

I started work as a police officer in a small town in Louisiana, making a name for myself. I was soon a member of the State Narcotic and Violent Crime Task Force. I made Sergeant inside of three years. I served for another year and a half as a Patrol Sergeant while I completed the adoption two fine children.

Once the children were adopted I picked up and moved the family to sunny Oregon. Still not knowing that Stepfather was not my real father. I moved close to him wanting to rekindle my relationship with them as it was severely strained prior to me leaving, this was partially my fault. Having been gone for 15 years did not help, and having a poor relationship with my wife. I divorced the whole lot.

I married a wonderful woman, she is my all. She is passionate and honest, and demands of me and others that everyone treat others in the same honest and straightforward way. She is a great Mother and wife.

I soon found my real Father and Mother. Both of whom had always wanted a relationship with me. My name had been changed in the Social Security System, so there was no record of me by my legal name on any school record or medical record. My Stepfather worked jobs that were only cash under the table, and was able to keep the secret from me all those years. Even when my science experiment in the 7th grade showed he was not my father, he subtely explained that the teacher was wrong. Through countless times of me telling him and his wife that I felt like the blacksheep and not ever fitting in, I only ever tried to succeed in their eyes. Finding that they were not even related to me at all made me the happiest I have ever been.

My Brother is an amazing man, he is a retired Captain in the U.S.A.F. My Borther, I love him very much, he however has taken sides with the person(s) who kidnapped me and will not talk to me.

I am currently a working police officer, a Father of four, all adopted. I have a wonderful wife, and a beautiful appreciation of the truth in all things. I look forward to writing and am anxious to make a run at all kinds of different writing projects.

Submitted: August 09, 2014

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For those of you who read this and saw the post from my Brother Eric, Well we did attend 21 schools growing up. Thought he had made major, got bad info, well I am proud of him nonetheless. Jay stole us, plain and simple, I have a different Dad, who has a right to me, and Taking me allowed Jay to keep Eric, because you see back then if the court knew Jay was not my Father they would have given custody to Karen. Smart on his part hiding us from her, he was able to keep custody of Eric and use me basically like a slave growing up. My social security was registered under Steve Ball, not Stephan like he said, I do not lie, but I can see how all those years of brainwashing would seem that way.

Sun, August 10th, 2014 1:02am

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