A Journey of the State of Mind

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
A journey of self discovery through a man who travels to a world where he meets his sister who teaches him to do better things.

Submitted: May 26, 2011

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Submitted: May 26, 2011



The clouds parted as the sun shone down on the bright green grass below, where Jacob laid watching his daughter play on the nearby jungle gym. He watched her swing on the rickety set as she jumped off to head up the golden brown stairs to slide down the fluorescent yellow slide. Jacob rested his head on his right elbow, laying sideways away from an ant hill towards the jungle gym. It was a normal day for him as he had custody of his daughter Sundays, so he tried to enjoy himself during this period. He always took her to Hyde Park, which was an hour ride on the metro from where he lives. He hated the journey back and forth but knew it was important to spend time with his daughter.

As his daughter kept going up and down the slide he glanced over to the right of the playground and noticed a dog that was sitting staring at him. It was a smart dog as it had the presence of a person admiring your attributes. The dog had two brown patches on his face with a polka dot spot on his rear were his tail met the body. It was big and muscular in the shoulders and stood proud in the spot alone. While the dog watched over Jacob, it started to move closer to him, so Jacob kept and eye on the interesting dog. He noticed the dog wasn’t near any owner and wasn’t on a leash, which was odd for Hyde Park as it’s situated near Buckingham Palace so it attracted a lot of rich, elderly folks. As the dog neared Jacob he noticed something strange, the dog kept looking over to his left side at a nearby forest as if waiting for someone to come out. Jacob just ignored what has happened and went back to watching his daughter, but as his head turned to glance over to her on the slide, the dog bolted to the left side running towards the trees. Jacob got his body up off the grass and darted after the dog to make sure its safe. After all, Jacob wanted to do a good deed as it would help him win his case over the custody battle of his daughter.

Reaching the forest, crawling over the dead cedar tree branches the sun was no where to be seen through all the trees that surrounded him. He cursed to himself for the idea to go after this dog because he didn’t know where he was. Tripping over some homeless man’s boot he finds the dog as he was sitting facing a huge cedar tree and away from him, so he gradually sneaks up to the dog as if preparing for it to run away. Sure enough the dog goes around the tree stump and disappears, so Jacob goes around and around the big tree and doesn’t know where it went. As he glances down to tie up his shoe laces that came loose from crawling over the dead tree branches, he sees something glowing around the tree. He goes slowly towards this strange object and notices an outline of a door, illuminating green from the crevasses. Amazed to find this weird thing, he runs his fingers through the lines as if in a dream state of mind, thinking to himself this is so neat. He moves his fingers towards the outline of the door knob and feels that its embossed out. As he pushes the knob back in, he hears a strange creaking sound when dust appears suddenly causing him to cough and not see anything except for the outline of the door. The dust settles and to his surprise he has opened a door inside the tree. Like the child in him, he ventures through the door into another world.

Step by step Jacob carefully goes down the wobbly stairs towards the ground in the forest below. He’s so shocked as to what is going on, he forgets that he’s left his daughter alone. When he reaches the end of the stairs, he arrives on the grass looking out into this world that appeared; butterflies, rabbits and bright colors form throughout, with a stream running quietly on his right side. Through the stream he sees the dog and yet again it comes towards him barking like a wild animal. Jacob gets scared and runs towards the trees as if it’s déjà vu. He runs but stops when he hears his name being called.

“Jacob, Jacob, Jacob!” yells the dog.

“What are you?” Jacob replies as he turns around to see who’s belting out to him.

“Not what am I, but who am I! I’m Alfred, pleasure to meet you.” he states in a jokingly manner.

“Hi Alfred, where am I?” Jacob responds.

“You’re in the world where I grew up in. This is the world where all your dreams can come true. A world where you‘ll be more happy and free from harm that others cause.” Alfred engages the conversation.


As Alfred speaks to Jacob about this world, Jacob realizes he isn’t in his adult form but he’s gone back 24 years to when he was 12. Excited, Jacob jumps up and down as if he hasn’t had that much energy since that age. He hoots and hollers hearing his echo return his chants and finally sits down on the grass as it sways in the wind. Putting his fingers through the grass he sees that it moves around the tips of his fingers as if caressing it. Everything is alive in this world, and all things have a mind. A big smile lurks upon Jacobs face as he feels a tap on his shoulder. He turns around to see his sister Emily waiting for him with her arms open for a hug. He gets up and goes into her arms.

“Emily, what are you doing here? How did you get here? I have so many questions!” Jacob wept.

“I’ve always been here, I’ve just been waiting for you. Now that you are here I’d like to say welcome. Its been a while since I’ve seen you so there’s lots to catch up on, so why don’t we go sit over there and catch up?” Emily responded rubbing her hands down his back to console him.

The two of them start going over to a clearing in the trees where the sun was bright. Alfred follows to watch over them carefully. He prances through the grass as if skipping to a beat of music and lays down beside Emily and Jacob to listen in on their conversation.

“You’ve been in trouble a lot Jacob, why?” she started.

“I haven’t been happy, I’ve been lost in that world with no where to go and I’m not even sure why I’m here. Why did God chose me to go through such a tough route. I almost feel like I’m being punished for stuff I haven’t done, so I just figure that the drugs will make me happy and forget everything that has happened.” he responded.

“I know you’re hurt but you have to come to terms with reality, you need to stop the drugs and move on with life. The custody of your daughter won’t go over well if you keep doing the amount of drugs and mom will never talk to you again if you get another jail sentence.” She pleaded.

“I just want to be happy so maybe this world will make me more happy. After all Alfred did say its where I‘ll be more happy.” He said with a tear running down his left blue eye.

“That’s right this is a world where you’ll be more happy, but this is also a world where you need to learn that you can’t escape reality every day. Jacob smarten up and get your life back in order or else I will come beat you up!” She joked.

“You’re amazing and I will change, I promise you I will. I’ll even call mom everyday if that means you’ll be more happier with me.” he offered.

“Good! Now you need to get back to your world and make those changes.” she ordered.

“Right now? I just got here.” He said.

Emily got up and started to run through the clearing and back into the woods. Jacob stood there in shock not knowing what to do. He looked at Alfred who fell asleep during the conversation, so he looked around one more time to see if Emily was playing a joke or not.

“Emily! Come back and stay here with me?” he yelled.

“Go home Jacob, you need to leave.” He heard her through the woods.

Jacob got up and started walking towards the area that she left while Alfred woke up and followed. A few minutes went by and Jacob couldn’t find her, except for pieces of leaves that started to fall from the cedar trees above. They kept falling, one by one as if summer sprung into fall so quickly. He turned around and noticed this world was starting to deteriorate, getting scared he runs towards the stairs that lead back to normalcy. As the world started to cave in, Jacob tried one more time to call out for his sister but all he heard was the cracking of the trees and the wind banging against his side. He dodged broken trees and picked up Alfred to make sure he’s safe. Finally he reaches the beginning of the stairs and sees that a couple of them are missing, but he lunges forward and starts climbing up to get out of world of chaos. He trips on the third step, catching his left arm on the part of broken wooden piece. Clenching to Alfred with deer life, he reaches the top and throws him through the open door. Struggling to get to the top he pulls himself up and lays down near the dog.

“Mister Warner? Your daughters ready to go home now” A woman says quietly pushing Jacob to wake up.

Jacob wakes up in astonishment of the dream he had and gets up off the ground to head towards to playground where his daughter was sitting on the bench. He can’t believe the dream as he hasn’t had them for so long because the drugs and alcohol usually keep him awake. When he does sleep its always just for three hours a night.

“I’m sorry honey, I must have fallen asleep. Let’s go home now shall we?” he apologizes to his daughter.

Jacob gets home and runs towards the front door of his building, pulling out his keys from his left jean side pocket. He stands underneath a balcony above to get out of the rain to get the key in the door so he can make his way to his apartment. He curses at the door because every time he comes home, it’s always on the fifth try the door opens. He swings the door open and skips up the stairs to check on his mail. Nothing is there so he heads up another flight of stairs to his place.

After getting in he goes to check his voice messages on his landline and pushes the speaker button to hear them. While listening the recordings of his family members attempting to contact him, he makes himself some Kraft Dinner to ease his hunger. The last message starts playing and it’s his mom, it started out a couple of seconds of silence before she started to talk.

“Jacob, it’s mom. I just wanted to call and let you know that Emily passed away today. Her funeral is going to be next week so call me back to get details. Love you.” The message read.

“What? Oh my, what’s going on? Emily I just saw you.” he said to himself quietly as he sat down in the corner of his kitchen.

Jacob goes into the closet to get a picture of his sister, and places it down on his nightstand table beside his alarm clock that night. He also gets a white candle which he places in front of the picture and lights the candle in memory. Laying down on the bed looking at the picture, he knows it was her in his dream today so he makes a plan to start to change his life. Emily came into his dream for a reason and wanted to push him to do better things and he knew that now. He blew out the candle after setting his alarm for 6:00am and said a prayer to Emily.

“I knew it was you in my dream today, and you just watch me as I will change. I will make you and my family proud to call me their son.” Jacob prayed and went to rest before his journey in the morning of life discovery.




© Copyright 2020 ctaylor. All rights reserved.

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