Death Comes

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CT lads are on the bus something bad happens read to find out

Submitted: May 30, 2010

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Submitted: May 30, 2010



Death Comes

George screamed as he was suddenly, forcefully thrown from his bunk and into the one across from his hearing a loud crash. Damian yelped as he hit the wall and George crashed into him pinning him there. The two screamed in terror as the sounds of shrieking metal and people intermingled with the bone jarring thumps and grates. They heard Ryan screaming something to Keith who yelled back hysterically then yelled for Paul who didn’t respond. George clung to Damian screaming his lungs out along with his friend. When it was all over the pair looked at each other and sighed. They had lived, but though what?

What…was THAT? George asked hoarsely pushing his head out the top of the bunk, which was in reality, the side.

In layman’s terms. Damian replied poking his head up next to him the flap of his bunk staying with his head. We crashed.

George shot him a look. Ryan, Keith you all right?

They listened for a second before they heard a groan and Keith reply groggily. Let me sleep mommy.

Damian grinned and removed his sunglasses, which had broke anyway. Yeah Keith’s fine.

He pushed himself out of the bunk bed and onto the wall that was now the floor crawling along the little beam that was between the two beds until he reached the wall part then crouched and moved to the backdoor where he had hit his head. Damian lay sprawled a few feet away from the door with Ryan kneeling over him.

You all right Damian? Ryan asked as he heard George stumbled a bit.

I think I hit my head on something…. George muttered as he watched Keith lightly slap Damian’s cheeks. Damian had a large bruise forming on his upper left temple and blood running freely down his face. Is he all right?

I think he has a concussion. Keith replied then glanced around the room nervously again and to the window that was a few feet from where the two lay. Paul was out here. I was in the restroom and Damian and Paul were out here. He looked back to the window behind him oh god… Paul was thrown out the window.

Ryan had, by this point in time, managed to find his way to the sunroof, which was not on the side. He glanced out it at the forest they had been going through. The bus was spread across the road at an odd angle and there were some people from nearby town gathering a few yards down near where one of the heavier beams had fallen. One of them stepped back and Ryan got a clear view of what it was that they were surrounding. It was a body. The person’s head was facing so Ryan would’ve had an aerial view had he been in the air and he gasped at the bloodiness of the hair. The normally blonde/brown hair. Paul’s hair. It was Paul that was sprawled under the beam not moving. Shit!

Keith, George, and the now awake Damian all froze when Ryan started to work the sunroof open frantically. He finally yanked it open and scrambled out ignoring his own soreness.


Keith’s eyes widened at the fear in that one word and scrambled out followed closely by Ryan and Damian. When his young blue eyes caught sight of his best friend he easily out paced the rebel and shoved the onlookers out of the way. Paul! Paul!

The youngest CT guy fell to his knees beside Paul’s prone and bloody form. He had been thrown from the bus. That had been the first crash of glass breaking he had heard. He took the bruised and battered appearance of his best friend. The singer was lying on his stomach with his hands on either side of his head. His hair was matted with the blood that ran down his face making it look paler than it already was. The metal bar lay straddled across his lower back it was bloody and seemed to be putting a great weight on the person trapped beneath it. Paul wake up! Paul!

Ryan appeared next to the frantic boy kneeling down and, pausing to take in Paul’s form, checked him for a pulse the sobbed brokenly. No…NO!

George watched him for a moment before getting what Ryan meant. He started to sob uncontrollably. No! Paul no!!

Ryan sobbed openly as well joined by Damian and they formed a circle around their fallen comrade. The bystanders all understood their need and backed off a few paces in respect.

George sobbed again. No! Don’t leave me Paul! PAUL! He sounded almost hysterical and the other three instantly were they all hugged trying to keep George from looking at the body of his best friend lying dead on the pavement in front of him. Ryan rubbed his back as he hugged him crying. Shhh… its okay George… Shhh.

P-p-p hic- no it’s NOT okay! The Scotsman cried pulling from his grip. He’s gone. He fell back beside Paul and shook the singers shoulder. Paul! Wake up! Please! DON’T LEAVE ME!

Ryan sighed and then broke down sobbing quietly next to George while Damian and Keith just stared out in a dazed silence.

Ryan sobbed and looked back to the bus. I…I’m going to go check on the bus driver.

He took off before the others could protest. He couldn’t believe it. Paul was gone. Dead. Killed, crushed by a piece of their bus. He bit back another sob as he leaned against the bus with one arm supporting him as he walked. He reached the front of the bus and glanced in almost immediately saw the driver was dead. Bits of gray matter splattered the window and Ryan could see bits and pieces of bone and Paul that had yet to be removed from his head. There was a bit of the glass that was removed near where the driver’s sightless hazel eyes stared out. Ryan sighed and closed the driver’s eyes through there then perked up hearing a sound.

Sirens. It was then he remember they had just passed through a town and the ambulance would be here soon. Too late to help Paul though. Paul who was always so bubbly and cheerful. Paul who was not laying cold and dead on the pavement in a pool of his own crimson life. He slowly went back to his friends.

George sobbed hysterically next to his best friend. He was gone. Dead. Dead! At 31 his best friend lost his life. What was Dom going to think? She was going to break down! He looked to Paul and sobbed again wh-why god WHY?! Why did you have to take him? Why?!

George? George stopped it had been so faint that he hadn’t been sure he heard it. Then it came again, weak and soft but it was there nonetheless. …George…?

George glanced to Paul and saw his eyes opened slightly. Paul!

George Paul gasped weakly. Get…this…off…me.

George nodded and glanced at Ryan and Keith who were ready to help. Together with some bystanders help, the boys pried the beam off Paul. George immediately rushed to Paul’s side and cradled his best friend in his lap. Don’t leave me.

Paul tried to smile but coughed. I wont Paul. I promise.

The other CT guys surrounded their dying fifth member openly grieving the loss. Paul’s smiled faintly then reached up weakly and brushed the tears from George’s face. No tears George if I’m ment to meet God today that’s what I’m going to do don’t cry.

George nodded still crying I-I’ll trying n-not to Paul.

Tell Dom I love her. Paul gasped and spasm they all knew he wasn’t going to stay much longer. George promise me you’ll take care of her.

I cant George started still sobbing. I cant you cant leave me you cant.

If that’s what god intends for me to do I will Paul replied smiling faintly.

Promise me George you’ll take care of her till your dying breath promise me.

I promise George cried harder realizing his friend had no time left with him. I promise Paul.

In my desk there’s letter read it Paul whispered weakly. Until we meet again George.

Then with a last shuddering breath Paul Byrom passed away cradled in his best friends arms.

Fifty years later…

The old man stared at the grave. 5 surrounded it but this one was the oldest. Fifty years ago to the day. The blue eyes teared as he thought of it. It was fifty years to the day that his best friend had died in that wreck. A piece of him died that day as surely as Paul himself had.

George just couldn’t force himself to function after that. The only thing that kept him going was the dying wish of his best friend. He looked to the grave to the right of Paul’s and sighed. The promise was over now. Dom had passed away in her sleep a few days before and now lay buried where she belonged next to her husband. George looked down at the letter in his hands and sighed. I did it Paul…I kept my promise.

So did I. A voice behind him said. A voice he hadn’t heard in fifty years.

Paul… George whispered slowly turning around. He looked not a day older then 31 and was wearing the clothes he had been in the day he died. The only difference between then and now was that he was smiling. Paul…

Paul held out his hand. What’re you waiting for George?

George looked at Paul and then to his hand hesitantly then he looked behind Paul where a glow was and could faintly make out five more shapes. Dom, Keith, Ryan, who had died the year before and Damian were waiting for him. Paul held out his hand again and George took it happily. The two walked back to the others hand in hand together they all went home united again.

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