When Norah's dad, a huge Hollywood movie producer, brings Hollywood heart-throb and bad boy Shane Kelly home to stay with their family in Florida after Shane's latest Hollywood drama, Norah realizes her summer is about to get more interesting..

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ignore the joined words. for some reason booksie felt the need to delete spaces Read Chapter


Day three with Shane, and one of us was about to go insane. Whether that would be Shane, Gabe, or me, I didn't know. "I have got ... Read Chapter


The Florida heat was as humid as ever as Gabe, Shane (aka Luke), and I walked down Main Street, but I didn't care. I was so thankful to b... Read Chapter


After debating with myself for an hour about the the party, I stood in front of my full length mirror, ready to go. I attempted to curl m... Read Chapter


The next morning I woke up to the blinding sun coming through my blinds. The clock read 9:37 AM, and I rolled over on my back and stared ... Read Chapter


Gabe knocked on my door at 7:30 PM to see if I was ready to head over to Bethany's party, but the look on my face sidetracked him. "A... Read Chapter


The next morning I stumbled around the room, still half asleep. I slipped into my way too short yellow towel wrap and made my way to the ... Read Chapter


Looking at my alarm clock on my bed side table, I groaned when I saw it was only 7:30 am. After hardly sleeping at all the night before, ... Read Chapter


"I couldn't eat any more if my life depended on it," Laney said as she sat back and pushed her plate of uneaten french fries and chi... Read Chapter


I had never laughed so hard in my life. Laney and I spent the rest of the day eating ice cream at the local ice cream shop, Scoops, and h... Read Chapter


It was 2:30 in the morning, and I couldn't sleep. I crawled out of bed with a grunt, and I laughed my reflection in the mirror, messybun ... Read Chapter


I woke that morning after hardly getting any sleep that night. I looked up at the ceiling and remember my wonderful night. I couldn't sto... Read Chapter


In movies, when the main character gets a makeover, she finds this inner confidence. And when she walks into the room at a party, every e... Read Chapter


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"So you two made out. In my closet?" Laney, Chloe, and I were laying out on the beach, and I had just spilled everything about what happe... Read Chapter


I hardly slept at all that night, tossing and turning all night trying to forget about Shane so I could just get some sleep, but no luck.... Read Chapter


The dolphin cruise was amazing. I couldn't remember a time when I'd been so happy, but I'm pretty sure that had a lot to do with the guy ... Read Chapter


I watched from my bedroom window as dad hauled Shane's suitcase out the front door. As soon as Shane and I stepped foot out of the truck,... Read Chapter


A/N: After this chapter, it may take me a while to update. I move into my dormroom Saturday, and I've got a lot to do before then. After ... Read Chapter