My attempt at journaling...

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since it's now 2010 and officially my graduation year, i felt like i should start a journal...and since i write so slow i figure typing it would be better. I'll tell you now, this isn't going to be perfect. I don't want it to be. Just Read

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It's finally 2010. Officially my graduation year. Last night, as I yelled 'Happy New Year' to my friends, I realized something. I gra... Read Chapter


If it's all just a game, then I like the way that we play - The Maine fyi: The Maine is amazing. end of story. but anywho, I'll t... Read Chapter


In life you can’t get caught up in wishing for something that’s not gonna happen- the OC Tonight I realized that it's pointless... Read Chapter


This song pretty much tells you exactly what I'm feeling right about now, so all I am going to write are the lyrics. This song is amazing... Read Chapter


So these are some of my closest friends (but yes, i do have girl friends). The guys make youtube videos that are school related, and they... Read Chapter


Main Entry: 1love Pronunciation: \\?l?v\\ Function: noun Etymology: Middle English, from Old English lufu; akin to Old High G... Read Chapter


So it seems I haven't kept up with this journal like I'd originally planned. Not much is different, the guy (we'll still call him Matt)... Read Chapter


I was just lying on my bed, listening to sad songs and wallowing, and I realized I hadn't posted a journal update in a while. So thi... Read Chapter


It's been a while since I've journaled, so I guess I wanted to change that. I don't know where the summer has gone, but in 23 days, I... Read Chapter


Countdown to college: 16 days. scary much? Quote that describes the situation:"I knew, in the silence that followed, that anything co... Read Chapter