The Buddy Song

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Natalie was a handicap student who had managed to adjust and cope with her new life on a wheelchair. However on her nineteenth birthday,she was reunited with her best friend who was then a famous pop singer. Natalie was not very happy to see her best friend who Natalie ran away from because they were experiencing a dysfunctional friendship. Soon after two girls got reunited,they got abducted by man who holds a grudge. What would happen to the girls? Would the girls still be friends even though the friendship was already dysfunctional to begin? If you want to know, please read and enjoy this rather emotional and inspiring tale of friendship, courage and perseverance.

Table of Contents

The Day Before

Submitted: April 17, 2011

Natalie was a handicap student who had managed to adjust and cope with her new life on a wheelchair and Erica is pop-star who had just arrived in Atlanta.However Erica's visit to Altanta was spoilt as there was a man who had other plans in mind for Erica.What will become of the two girls,read and find out Read Chapter

The Long Lost Friend

Submitted: April 22, 2011

Today was Natalie birthday,however she was still feeling guilty over what happen the day before.Meanwhile Erica was recently bailed out but she was feeling desperate and confused as she was awaiting a trial for drug possession.Eventually both the girls end up walking into a nature reserve.Wopuld the girl ever meet? An what would happen if the girls were to meet each other? Read the chapter and you will know Read Chapter

The Kidnap

Submitted: April 22, 2011

Chapter 3: The Kidnap Natalie then turned away again and started pushing herself away from Erica, Erica followed her. When Natalie sa... Read Chapter

Reminiscence of bad times

Submitted: April 23, 2011

Chapter 4: Reminiscences of the bad times After two hours of unconsciousness, both Erica and Natalie regained their consciousness and... Read Chapter

Reminiscence of good times

Submitted: April 23, 2011

Chapter 5: Reminiscences of good times After about half an hour, Natalie was longer angry with Erica but she did not let Erica knew a... Read Chapter

The Abductor return

Submitted: April 23, 2011

Chapter 6: The Abductor return It was four in the afternoon, Natalie got tired of waiting for Drake to come back so she decided to es... Read Chapter

The escape

Submitted: April 23, 2011

Chapter 7: The escape Suddenly Andre woke up to realize that he was tied up to a pillar, “You’re okay” Natalie said and Andre r... Read Chapter

The concert

Submitted: April 23, 2011

Chapter 8: The concert About half an hour later, the authorities came to took Drake away and Natalie got back on her wheelchair. Then... Read Chapter