The Groom, The Bride and The Groom's Father

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One brisk winter morning in August 2012.

Submitted: January 07, 2014

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Submitted: January 07, 2014



The Groom, The Bride and The Groom's Father

One brisk winter morning in August 2012. 'Twas the birthday of the groom's father. Hustle and bustle, everyone getting ready, the creaky corridors that one once feared. Birthday breakfast to start with a busy lunch to follow, 100 guests had been invited all to celebrate this once-in-a-lifetime special day. Breakfast was launched.

?The dancing smell of sausages, the prancing bacon and persuasive cereal slow-walked throughout the hotel, awaking all who smelt. The sweet tune of Canon in D was playing, each note struck with passion on a 300-year-old instrument. The white keys still kept to pristine condition, the hammers struck a note which one other could make. The notes heightened, higher and higher along the grand staff, the faintest last note only heard by the groom, the bride and the groom's father!

?Finished they were; last to leave was the bride. The clock struck 11:00, time to move, the people wishes the beds could move. The hustle and bustle started again, everyone dressing in their tales again. , here comes the car, only the groom, the bride and the groom's father can hear the car. The clock struck 12; time for everyone to vacate. All but one they left behind.

?The cars, like a train, pulled up outside, bells started to ring. The swarm laughed and cheered all but one, connected to pipes at the back of the church, it heard the last one's cry. The monster started play, like the last, this time the tune was not so sweet. Along it hopped on the sheet of music, trying to keep up. They walked down the aisle, one behind the other to a tune not so sweet as it played yesterday. The couple standing their with support of a hundred men while the piped instrument lay dormant, it made a sound when requested,  throughout it played a tune not to its best performance.

?The last song it had to play as they were vacating out, a better, not fullest, but better tune. The bells rung to their maximum volume with perfect striking. The sound of the piped box was drowned out, the music within the religious building slowly decreased to a silent note played on the cue to throw the confetti.

?After pictures had been taken and thanks exchanged, the groom and the bride drove off back to the hotel after 10 minutes of waiting for traffic, everyone else, including the groom's father retreated back to the hotel. They sat down for a pre-luncheon beverage and a young boy started to play the piano. It didn't play. They couldn't work out why. Why had it stopped playing? It was damaged.

?The piano never played again.

??C. Tyler

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