Dark Love!!

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A drug addicted mother who got pregnant early and her husband who left when her baby girl was born. Ally is a 13 year old girl who has recently fallen for a guy and so has her mother. Her mother is in a trap of a guy who isn't the guy who she thinks he is. How much longer can she stick around?

Submitted: February 12, 2011

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Submitted: February 12, 2011



I always loved sitting near the window on rainy days. Watching the tears from the sky fall on my window and all over. I was 13 and had no interest in guys. I heard and saw how complex love is. Little did I know I was going to fall for this guy. It seemed as if he were perfect. All though he was 15, I didn’t care.

I watched how he would walk and breathe. We became close friends and soon became as one. We both enjoyed writing and watching scary movies. He came over once in a while when my mother wasn’t home. My mother was a single mom. My dad left when I was born. Everything was going perfect until, he met me drug addicted mother. I was ashamed. She was so evil to him. She had a ciggy in her hand and some beer.

“Who’s this?”

“Um mom this is Kyle.”

“Kyle eh.”

“So Kyle how old are you?”

“15 maim.”

“Kyle let me say this to and only once, my daughter could have done way better than you.”

“That’s enough mom.”

“What are you some EMO kid?”


“Shut your mouth Ally and let Kyle answer.”

“No mom why don’t you.”

“Ally why don’t you find someone who can take care of you?”

“I have Kyle if I fall; besides I’m fine.”

“No your not.”

“Recently mom you have lost your job, and I’m working while in school so I’m doing better than you and I always will.”

My mom was the type who would give up. One day she’s home other days she’s gone for a week.

“Why are you so evil?”

“Cause your father got me pregnant with you.”

“You are old and can’t love anymore.”

“If you don’t wanna live here go move in with Kyle.”

“Fine, maybe I’ll have a life instead of babysitting my drug addicted mother.”

I ran up the stairs and packed everything. I called Kyle and spoke to his parents. His parents were happy to take me in. My door slams open.


“I know my name.”

“Who’s this?”

“This is Derek.”

“Hi Derek.”

Wow little did I know how fast my mother could run and bring some stranger in. I was coming home from school and opened the door.

“What the?”

“Oh hi Ally, your mother told me to wait here.”

“Yeah she won’t be here for a week.”

“Come here Ally.”

“Um I have to call my boyfriend Kyle.”

“COME HERE.” He said in a firm angry voice.

I did.

“Ow let go of me.”

“You make your mother angry and she left me.”


I feel to the floor feeling pain. He constantly kicked and hit me.

“I’m calling the police.”

“No your not.”

He sat on me so I couldn’t reach the phone.

“If you call the police or talk to anyone about this you and your boyfriend are dead.”

Sobbing thinking what I could do. It was my mom.

“Hey sweetie what happened?”

Either she was higher than the sky or she got some money.

“Derek beat me.”



“Oh no he didn’t.”

I showed her the bruises. She was in Derek’s trap. She fell for a man who was a complete jackass. I know my mom was a messed up drug addicted woman but she didn’t deserve this...nor did I.



“I really need to talk to you, will you come over?”


I opened the door.

“What happened to you?”

“My mom brought a stranger home and he was angry so he beat me.”

“WHAT! We have to call the police.”



“He will kill us both.”

“Who else knows about this?”

“You and my mom.”

“You have to come home with me right now.”

“I can’t, I have to get Derek out of my mom’s life now.”

Everyone makes mistakes and pays for it, but this mistake will end and not be paid for. My mom made a mistake…well many mistakes. Derek was probably the worst mistake.

“Ally I GOT A JOB!”

“That’s great mom.” I said in a non excited voice.

“Well aren’t you happy for me?”

“I am.”

“I’m the new bartender.”

Well at least she got a job instead of working the streets.

“I gotta tell Derek!”

“Derek I got a job!”

“That’s amazing.”

“Ally now you can quit your job and stay!”

“Oh so now you wanna be the mother I never had.”


“Starting at 7 years old I would hold your hair while you vomit.”

“Ally that’s enough.”

“And Derek, the jackass my mother fell for.”

“HEY watch your mouth.”

“You are so sick, go to hell.”

“Mom this wonderful perfect man you fell for beat me.”


I fought Derek as soon as he slapped me. He was too strong he threw me against the wall and held a knife to me. My mom beat him up for a bit, but that didn’t last. As soon as she feel he said…

“If either of you try to leave me I will kill you both.”

My head was spinning. I didn’t know what I could do. If we run, he’d hunt us down and kill us. I don’t want Kyle in this and end up getting hurt. Derek needs to go. Oh god why did my real dad have to abandon us? I probably wouldn’t end up in this situation. I guess I need to let that go and forget it. Maybe I should just go to school and forget about everything that happened. Forget and move on. But when I looked next to me, my mom was on the floor puddles of blood. I must have not heard it. I was to busy thinking of what I would do. Derek stabbed my mom twice. Blood was the color of our floor. I hated it. It’s going to be hard to forget and move on.

“Mom Derek has to go.”

“Sweetie he will kill us.”

“You didn’t believe me before and now its gotten worse.”

“Honey I’m sorry.”

“Do you really think sorry is good enough for all the bruises on my body, and all the cuts on your body?

“Well what do you want me to say or do? Huh?”

“I want Derek out forever.”

“I know you’ve been through one hell of a life but damn this is going to end.”

“Hon you can’t stop Derek.”

“So I’m suppose to get beat everytime he feels upset?”

“We will get out of this.”

“I’m not his lil Barbie doll, he obviously has no respect for a woman and doesn’t know how to respect a woman.”

“Hon your only 13 you don’t know anything about that.”

“Oh yeah well I can tell ya one thing…if you really love someone you wouldn’t beat them, and I sure and hell know you wouldn’t threaten to kill them.”

“I guess you do know.”

“I’m done with him.”

I got my bag and headed for school. I wanted to tell Kyle everything but I couldn’t. I decided to call him after school. And speak of the devil there was Derek waiting for me, with my mother. Oh great look who’s all gushy and lovey now.

“I’m sorry for the way I acted.”

“Yeah I’m sorry too.”

“Why are you sorry?”

“For not helping my mom and not helping her get out of a crazy ass situation like this.”

“I’m truly sorry, I will never do it again.”

“Yeah well hate to break it to ya, but history often repeats its self, I’m not taking a risk of my life.”

“Your mom and I are getting married.”


“Aren’t you happy?”

“Your gonna marry this son of a bitch?”


I slam the door shut and head to Kyle’s house. I ring the door bell. Kyle answers the door. I’m so happy to see him. Although I don’t have a family he’s my family to me. I’m so fucked up I tell ya! I can’t believe my mom is going to marry that bastard. I’m never going to see her again. She put her life in danger and also mine. I’m done with him and her.


“What’s wrong Ally?”

“My mom is going to get married to Derek.”



“I don’t want to see them again.”

“It’s ok you don’t have to.”

I was only 15 when I caught Kyle kissing another girl. He said it was mistake. Its like I can’t trust him. I guess when you don’t date guys your age, they go for the older. I loved Kyle and couldn’t leave him. He said he would never ever do it again. He promised me and gave me a commitment ring to prove it. I was still so young. When your 15 and someone tells you they love you, you believe it.

“Kyle I can’t tell how angry I am, but I can’t leave you.”

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

“But why would you?”

“I don’t know, I was stupid.”

“Yes you were, but if you pull that shit again I’m leaving you!”

“I promise I won’t.”


When I was on my way to school, a weird black truck came by me. Derek was in my face again. I’m so tired of him. I had it all good until he showed up.

“Hey Ally.”

“What do you want, for me to blow you a kiss and say everything is ok?”

“It would be nice.”

“Yeah in your dreams.”

“I could drive you to school.”

“Yeah get raped and show up looking a hot mess, I don’t think so.”

“You are so smart.”



“Well uh you might wanna be a bit smarter than you are now.”

“And why is that?”

“Cause when I call the cops on your pathetic sorry ass, your gonna wish you were as smart as me.”

Derek steps on the brakes and jumps out the truck. He grabs me by the arm, and pulls me in his truck. Leave me the fuck alone you filthy bastard.


“Shut up.”

“Ow please stop, I’m sorry.”

“Your damn right your sorry.”

“Yeah I’m not really sorry.”

“Do you wanna die?”

“Hey that gives my mom another great reason to divorce your silly ass.”

“Watch your mouth lil girl.”

“Make me.”

He has duck tape in the back of his truck and rope.

“So Derek do you do this often?”

“Do what often.”

“Tie minors up in the back of your truck, cause your really good at it.”

“You are so sarcastic , too bad it doesn’t help you with me.”

“Yeah I agree…but I think you should really seek some help.”

“Yeah maybe you could help me.”

“Yeah well I don’t think so you crazy old bastard.”


“Who the fuck you telling to SHHH? I’m not your damn Barbie doll for you to play with when your bored so get the fuck away from me.”


I quickly ran out the door and ran like there was no tomorrow. Well for me if I wouldn’t have run back to Kyle’s there wouldn’t be a tomorrow for me. Damn I thought wondering if he was following me.



“He’s gonna kill me.”

“What did you do?”

“I was walking to class and he showed up and tied me in the back of his truck. I got real smart with him and he is just a bad person.”

“It’s ok I’ll protect you.”

Yeah and my mom didn’t like Kyle. Oh yeah she was to strung out on that “Stuff” and didn’t realize how good he is. Damn her and damn Derek. She was stupid enough to trust him and she can get herself out. I gotta deal with my own problems with him and not hers. Whatever he does to her is not my problem. I didn’t say bring a crazy ass bastard home and pretend to love him just for some damn money. Man she did that shit on her own. I’m so irritated by all this bullshit.

Kyle will be turning 17 tomorrow and I want it to be a big party for him. I’ll have it at his house. It’ll be a surprise party! We’ll go out to a special dinner, come home and SURPRISE! Wow I haven’t felt this excited in a while. RING! I found his phone ring and I answered it and It was some girl. She said…”I’m looking forward to our dinner date.”

I was so angry I called her back and cussed her out.

“Ally what are you doing?”

“I don’t know you tell me.”

“Why do you have my phone?”

“It rang and I answered it…Bianca is looking forward to her dinner date tomorrow.”

“Oh hon don’t”

“Don’t what? Don’t worry, what the hell I’m not worried I’m done with you. I told you not to pull this shit again. I was going to throw a surprise party for you tomorrow and have a dinner me and you, but you surprised me. Happy 17th birthday Kyle. I’m moving back with my mom.

“You can’t”

“Why not?”

“Cause you could die.”

“Why the hell would you care? Honestly you shouldn’t give a rats ass about it. Just leave me alone. You promised me and gave me a commitment ring…but looks like I was right history often repeats its self. You are the last person on my mind right now. Forget everything about university and everything. And tell your parents why I left, if you don’t I will.

I ring the doorbell shy as ever. Derek answers the door. I tell him everything. I move back in my old room. I wait for my mother to come home. I want to discuss this with her, but knowing her she won’t get it. I thought about it and I need someone I can talk to. I lost someone. I lost the one I can tell anything to and trust them. I lost KYLE. Goodbye. I burned all of our pictures.

By the time I got over him I was 19 and moved on. I was finally able to do what I wanted. I found someone new. Anthony. Anthony was 20 so not so bad. We had our differences but we made it work. I told him everything about my past. He understood what I went through. He understood I didn’t want to end up like my mom. I went to school to be a doctor. I wanted to help people in their time of needs. Anthony studied medicines. He helped a lot with everything.

At 24 I had two babies. A boy and a girl. I was so happy. I was going to be something that I never had…A mother! I was proud to be a mother. I loved my children more than anything. I named my baby boy Josh and my baby girl Kayla. Anthony was a great dad with the children. All though he was tired he would play with the children acting like he wasn’t tired at all. He was amazing. I realized I was better off without Kyle. Kyle didn’t understand me like Anthony understands me.

All of a sudden he surprises me he wants a divorce. He doesn’t feel the same like he did when we met. He would pay full child support but be in their lives little. I couldn’t believe what just happened. I sat on the bed for weeks sobbing like crazy. I was so upset I didn’t know what to do. Am I just bad luck? I don’t get it. I’ve been nothing but good to him. He’s in love with someone else. He has been cheating on me for 6 months. I felt so stupid. How could I not notice that? I felt really bad and started calling him a dumbass bastard and cussing out the one he loves. I called her back and her name was Ashley. Ashley was nothing but a stealing husband low life bitch, who can’t keep her hands of a married man. That whore is gonna pay I thought. I hated that bitch. She was going to die.

I went to court to file the divorce. I got full custody of my two kids. All though I have a messed up drug addicted mother and her silly ass abusive boyfriend, I am going to be a good single mother. I don’t care how much my job sucks the life outta me I will still give the same amount of love to my children as I did before. I will not turn into my mother.

I saw Derek again. He changed or so it looked. He invited me over for dinner and I brought me two babies. He was playing with them and laughing. He was a total different man. Its almost like I felt something between him and I. I found out he was 21 and had faked his age. I can’t believe I felt a connection between an abuser.

“Derek I have something to tell you.”

“What is it Ally?”

“I think I like you.”

“As a friend?”

“No more.”



I didn’t want to break my mom’s heart and make her go through another great depression again. I would go over there very often and hang with Derek a lot. My mom saw us laughing and having fun as if our past history never existed. It was as if my mom smiled at me. I love Derek. I know I do. Am I becoming a dark lover? One who loves people and steals married men? Am I becoming like that crazy ass bitch who stole my husband away from me? I can’t help it I love him. I am a Dark lover…it runs in the family and I’m proud of it.

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