Ghosts Need Love Too

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Laura, a young teenage girl, fell for the wrong guy that didn't try to stop what was happening to her. Everyone including her parents turned their back on her, and she adopted the new name "whore". Dead at 15. Laura hunts to get revenge in order to get peace she needs to kill the one's that made her life hell.

Submitted: July 17, 2012

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Submitted: July 17, 2012



Seriously what is love? I swear this generation fails at love more than being successful or happy.



"Listen, I'm sorry"

"Save it for someone who cares"

"Damn, I'm sorry for what I did, it was very wrong, I could kill myself"

"I missed you but I'm not making the same mistake. I needed you when I found out my best friend was killed in a car accident, I needed a shoulder to cry on, I needed to be in your arms, I needed to hear your voice telling me everything was going to be okay, but instead of being there for me, you were in another girls bed."

"Laura I love you, I don't wanna lose you, you're my everything"

"You should've thought about that before you slept with her if you didn't want to lose me, if you loved me you wouldn't have done it, if I was your wouldn't need to sleep with another girl just because I said no."

"I was wasted"

"Typical bullshit lie every guy tries to tell their girlfriend, well now EX boyfriend."

"Please give me another chance, everyone deserves a second chance"

"You're right, but not everyone gets a second chance right when they want it. Your second chance could be six months from now, or six days. Honestly, your second chance won't be for a while.

"Please don't forget me, promise me you'll give me a second chance"

"A second chance so you'll screw up again? No, I'll let another girl realize how much of a dick you are. I can't promise you anything right now, I probably would be like you, making a promise I couldn't keep. Goodbye Mark"

My name is Laura, I died at 15. I'm going to tell you my story. When I was 14 I fell for someone I shouldn't have fell for. Mark, 16 years old, tall, dark hair, goregous eyes, stunning smile. Everything was great, until I decided I didn't want to do something. He should've respected my decision...and my body. I knew right from wrong and I wasn't ready, I wasn't doing anything by will if I wasn't ready.

Even though I said no to him that night, he took it quite I thought. I started to feel dizzy in his room, and my was getting so blury. I could feel hands all over me, and it was more than just two. My head was spinning, I was scared. I then made the biggest mistake ever, I screamed when something big went in me. I didn't like it at all. My vision was starting to clear up, it was getting much better, on the right of me there was a camera, on top of me.....was Mark switching on and off with his older brother Darrell who was 22. Tears came down my face, I yelled NO, PLEASE STOP, they both smiled ignoring me, I yelled even louder so Darrell put his hand over my mouth, keeping me quiet. I was wiggling, trying to get away but I couldn't, they were both too strong for one little 14 year old girl. I guess they were finished and I was still a little groggy, from what they must've put in my glass.

"Mark, why would you do this to me?"

"I told you what I wanted, you said no, if I want something I get it, even if it means force"

"You're such an asshole, I hate you"

"Hey, little girl, shut up, or I will become your worst nightmare"

"Darrell, shut the hell up, you guys are both idiots, Mark I hope you're happy, you got what you wanted, now just leave me the hell alone"

" have to understand"

"Don't touch me"

I got my clothes on and walked home. I spent the whole walk crying, when I finally got home, I rushed upstairs to my room. I got a text from my one of my friends...

"Hey, look at your email, I sent you something....I think you should take a look"

I went to check my email....a video..titled...Crazy Teen Craves Fun, it was me...drugged....they posted it all over the internet...I was so hurt and embarrassed. I couldn't tell anyone because no one would believe me. It's embarrassing to talk about. A few minutes later I got a text from Mark

"I'm really so sorry, I shouldn't have done that, how are you?"

"No, don't ask me how I'm doing because you don't care at all. I've been thinking a lot, thinking about what I did wrong for you to treat me like shit and to do such a stupid thing, I've done nothing wrong. I was so good to you, more good than I should've been. So do me a favor, when I come to school don't look at me, don't talk to me, I want nothing to do with you. So before you bring back my fucking feelings that you crushed, stop texting me before you add more emotional damage to myself and my life"

There was no response after that. The nerve of him to text me after what was posted and what he did...baffled me. What the hell is wrong with him? But none of this ended got worse. I had no way of transportation, my parents saw what happened and they couldn't tell I was drugged, no one could, I wasn't sleep or anything, they put something in my drink that made me confused and made my vision blury. My parents became abusive, I couldn't go on the bus because I didn't want kids to say anything to me, so I walked to school and walked home. I was so tired and weak, I barley slept, grades were dropping, and Darrell...he couldn't leave me alone. I walked home from school one day and no one was around, he grabbed me and put me in his car, took me to his apartment and raped happened for four weeks straight. He told me if I didn't he'd come after the ones I love...I couldn't do it anymore, because I realized...the ones I loved couldn't even believe I stopped, he knew that I didn't care about the ones that loved me because he came after me more and more...this time hitting me.One night I got away and ran home, that night I was completely done,I didn't care anymore, I just wanted to die. I took a bunch of pills and layed in my bed, there was no waking up the next morning, my parents found me dead, crying over I ghost I still didn't give a fuck.

"Mark, Mark, Mark"

"'re dead...I can't be seeing you...this isn't real"

"Yes it is"

"Why are you here?"

"You and your brother are the reasons I killed myself, so let's get this over with"


I stabbed him in his heart, killing him, Mark was dead at 16, I made it look like he commited suicide. I was the ghost no one believed in, yet I killed someone, I killed someone I fell for, but he deserved it. Next I was going after Darrell, but I couldn't just kill him instantly, I wanted to play a game. I played with his brakes in his car, making him skid of the road and hit a tree, physically he was fine, mentally not so much. I called his name, screaming no...he'd plug his ears, and I'd scream it so loud that it didn't matter if he plugged his ears or not he could still here me. Finally he stood in the mirror, looking so tired, poor Darrell.

"Darrell, Darrell, Darrell"

"What do you want from me Laura?"

"To have fun, don't you remember those nights?"

"This is your way of fun?"

"Yes, you made me kill myself, the pressures, the hatred, I couldn't take it anymore"

"I'm sorry Laura, please leave me alone"

"That's what I said, you kept coming back, till I killed myself, so I'm not stopping, haha"

I stepped out from the mirror, revealing myself as a ghost, and there was this connection....I felt like...I loved him? But how could I?

"Laura, you're beautiful, you always were....that's why I wanted you, you were the girl that everyone wanted to put their hands on and to be with...I couldn't resist"

I felt my face getting warm, I knew I was blushing, so I left. Tonight, Darrell went over to his parents to have dinner, thinking I was too scared to come out and play. I screamed NO, even called his phone, and when I called...there was no caller ID, it was the picture him raping me, with a bubble by it saying NO. He actually picked up and I started breathing heavy, screaming NO, please stop. He yelled out "LAURA, WHAT IS IT YOU SERIOUSLY WANT?", everyone knew I was dead, so for him to say that made him look crazy, he was put into a mental hosptial. Still, I haunted him, one night he tried to commit suicide, but he failed, he was put on suicide watch and heavy medication. I messed around with his pills, making him severely sick, that night was the perfect night to kill him. I came out as the ghost again, revealed myself to him with a present in my hand.

"Darrell, I have something I'd like to show you"

I pulled out the pocket knife he held to me.

"I'd love to cut to watch you die"

"If you're going to threaten to cut me, you should at least cut me a little"

"Not a little, but A LOT, haha"

I slit his throat, blood everywhere, I wrote on the walls with his blood, "GHOSTS ARE REAL, HAHA". Before he died, he looked at me and told me he loved me , a tear came down my cheek, I love you too. Ghosts need love too. Darrell Ryan Fairbanks was killed at 23 years old in a mental hospital. His death is still a mystery to people, majority don't believe in ghosts, and his family doesn't believe in ghosts either, legends and myths were being told, but only Mark, Darrell, and I knew the truth.

Why I fell for him is unknown. Reality is known for failure of real love to my opinion, beyond our world is known where you fall for your enemy.

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