The Cherry blossom fairy

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the cherry blossom fairy is all about a girl called cherry and she has 5 wishes and thoes wishes has to save the whole of her town.

Submitted: November 15, 2008

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Submitted: November 15, 2008



The Cherry blossom fairy
By Tulia Steele
Series 1

Once upon time there was a girl called cherry and she lived on blossom lane she always went to
Pick berries from the forest for her mum plus she had a bag full of wishes.

One day there was a wolf wondering around the forest until he saw Cherry he called all of is mates and she was trapped. Then she knew that she had the wish bag in her pocket. She said I wish I wasn’t here and she disappear into thin air. She was home and she ran upstairs to her bedroom and went straight to bed.

The next morning she went to school and there was a new boy in her school and he look like a wolf. Cherry was like, what is going on round here? when she finished school she followed the boy to the end of the road.

There was wolfs waiting for him cherry was freaked out. Then Cherry went over and said “what are you“? “what is this“? why has these wolves been around here were I live and were I go to school. There has been an wolf invasion and I have been sent to stop it, from master wolf I am supposes to look like a wolf to join in with the wolfs.

So what am I supposes to do while this invasion is going on said cherry, well you have to get 5 more wishes so the wolf boy handed her the wishes. Make sure you use them wisely or at night time when the moon is out the whole of the town might go to risk unless we win.

So the next day Cherry used one of her wishes to get dressed then she used one to get to school. She saw the wolf boy and said hi I have used two wishes can you give me two more said Cherry “NO” “I said use them wisely” you did not listen you need them to protect you and the rest of the town from the invasion so don’t use no more ok
So she went to class and the radio went on and it said THERE IS GOING TO BE AN IVAISON of wolfs. There was an announcement on the radio it was the head teacher saying there will be no school until further notice.

jumped up and yelled hooray and ran into the streets while cherry went to the end of the road to see what was happing? The wolf boy said you need to get all of the town to safe place so go now.

So she got a blow horn and talked through it and said every one in London go to the safest shelter that you can find in town and the bigesset because there is going to be a wolf invasion every one ran and screamed saying I am going to get killed so cherry went home to get her bag of wishes and then went to the hide out were all the panicing people was so she ran over there it was only 20 mintes away from blossom lane but she had to walk the woods were the most wolfs would be so she called a cab

Cab came she said to the hide out shellter oh I was going there my self because I heard the annocement on the blow horn
So they drove throw the forest cherry could hear wolfs and the crackles of the leaves on the ground.

Suddenly I saw a wolf man said duck there is wolfs trying to attack us cherry said tell me something I don’t know well the wolf lock is not on well turn it on then no time for chat there is wolfs on the lose so cherry called the wolf boy and said there is wolves on the run

Well this is what you have to do stay calm and tell the driver to honk the horn twice and the wolves will think it is there calling. That will give you enough time to get to the shelter before the full moon. You will need to zap your self to the shelter as soon as the wolves find out it wasn’t there calling they will come for you.

As I was driving in the car I could my heart was beating if I should listen to wolf boy or just drive there I thought It wasn’t about me any more it was about everyone. So ZAPP!!! Then suddenly there was a flash of light we was out side the shelter. DADDY you are here BOB WERE HAVE YOU BEEN. Sorry love I had to get this girl here safe but a strange thing happened on the way we was zapped here. Any way enough chit chat just get in side.

Hi cherry the full moon is rising on us the wolf boy said sacredly It is alright wolf boy I have got a plan give every one a magic bead and tell them at the full moon chant this alazi alazay I need this full moon to go away. Me and you will watch the wolves come towards you start the calling and as soon as they come close put the music on to deathing them. I will signal to start chanting that should get them to go away and if not we fight give two actually just if we have to fight.

Alright everyone hide children hide in the best places you can find and when you here people speaking and a big bang come out ok. The rest of us hide in simple places with gate ways when you her a wolf call starting chanting these exact words alazi alazay I need this full moon to go away. When you hear a BANG stop. So then it came the full moon I shouted wolf boy start the wolf call ok everyone 1 2 3 start the chanting so then at that moment alazi alazay I need this full moon to go away. There was a big bang and suddenly no wolves no full moon the war had gone it was over yay.

I spoke through the blow horn and said the war is over as I said those 3 words every body jumped in happiness. From that moment onwards everybody lived there lives how it should have been.

By Tulia Steele

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