Broken House

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I have a small obession with dark fantasy. Have never created a complete story of one, but I am experementing now. This is simply a 3 page event of dark fantasy.

Submitted: March 09, 2014

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Submitted: March 09, 2014



The broken house

The haunted house on 335 Sallish road was sinking in a marsh. One of the pillars on the porch snapped in half and caused the roof to collapse. The second floor was cracking in the middle causing the house to fall inwards. The people of the neighbourhood paid no mind to the broken house. Its been said that over the decades people have been murdered inside and that their voices can be heard inside calling out. It is the same common cliche of rumours that old homes all over America garnish.

The backyard had tall dead grass that tangled your feet when you attempted to reach the broken back door. The fence around was about only 4 feet long, only tall enough to stop children. 6 yards away a thin framed brown girl was running for her life. Something grabbed her foot and she tripped, screams erupted from her mouth, but it was only a tree root. None the less the chaser now knew where she was. She saw a short fence and immediately recovered and ran towards it. She frightfully climbed over and her white night gown was caught, a piece remained on the wood. She pushed through the dead grass with her bare feet and made it into the darkness past the damaged threshold.

A man dressed in all black was running through the forest with his face covered in a ski mask and a knife in hand. He had seen his victim hop over a small fence and enter into a broken home, the fence gave evidence that reassured him. He did the same and has no trouble kicking through the grass with his black work boots. As he got to the threshold the broken door closed. Thinking that the women had done this he fiercely kicked the door to reject her chance of stopping him. He stepped in expecting to see a fearful hopeless woman, instead he only saw darkness, something about the void of light gave him chills. Killers are not scared of anything, he reminded himself. He walked forward and heard the creaking wood below him. He stopped for a moment to check for any creaks that didn't come from his footing. Instead he heard a horrific shriek from above that was familiar. Only heard right before stabbing his victims for the first time. A scream that maybe continued for 7 or 8 more stabs.

He hastened forward and saw somewhat of a stair well in the dark. On the second floor a broken window let some moonlight slip into a hall way with three open rooms. He knew the women for sure was up here. He stepped into the first room on the right. There was only a bed and a night stand with a child's lamp on it. A curtain covered a window, preventing light, its hinges seemed to be nailed shut. He turned to the room behind him, from where he stood the floor slanted down. He glanced inside to see a large room. In the middle the floor was a sinking crack and the room fell inwards. A large window in the end of the room let in enough light to reveal the room was empty of anything including the girl. There was a darkened threshold on the other side of the floor crack but he didn't bother with it. He stepped to the end of the hallway and found nothing in the room. He was baffled. He stepped towards the stair well again but stopped in front of the first room he searched.

The curtain over the window had been moved. The light poured in and filled the room except for one dark wall across from the threshold. He stared at the darkened wall and then something came out. A face, covered in white plastic mask, with red lips and nose. He should have found that strange, but he was to close now, the blood lust filled his mind. He held the knife ready and let out few words

“ Come forward little clown. I have a new game for you to play.”

The clown face came out of the darkness, revealing the body of the girl in white behind the mask. He lifted his free hand towards her and let his finger curl and uncurl in a gesture for her to come to him. She slowly shook her head, without fear or emotion. The killer wanted his victim, his blood boiled and and that lust sent him charging towards the girl and the darkened wall. He raised the knife in both hands above his head. The girl dipped back into the shadows but he would not miss.

He did.... he did miss. He was squatted on the floor with both hands on his knife, plunged and stuck on the floor wood. He missed her but he possibly couldn't. The white face and red lips appeared from the darkness in front of him and startled him. He fell back and stared. “Fear?” he thought to himself, “ I really don't know what fear is like.” he recovered his composure and erased the word from his mind. The girl picked up the knife from the floor and slowly moved toward him. He stepped up and grabbed her frail arm holding the knife. “stupid girl,” he commented as he grabbed her neck with his other hand. He pushed her into the shadow and up against the wall. But he didn't. When she went into the darkness she was gone. He felt nothing in his hands, there was no struggle to escape. He heard the sound of the knife hitting the ground and knew it was real. He grabbed the knife and started slicing the darkness, only hearing sounds of the wind cutting. “ I've been hunting a witch!” he shouted out.

He heard a sweet laughter behind him, from the sinking room. He stepped into it to see himself without a ski mask standing at the threshold across the gap. He gestured for him to come, with the curling finger he gave the girl. Determined to come after this strange sight, he got close to the gap and prepared to leap over it but the slanted floor suddenly lowered itself, almost making him fall into the dark gap. He stumbled and landed on his back. He heard something, like the breathing of something large and alive below him. He felt a warm air come from the gap and brush his face, then not long after there was a growl that shook the room. Followed by the emergence of a green tentacle. It wrapped around his left foot and started dragging him in. He didn't scream or feel fear, he simply had a moment of panic. He scrambled in his mind to determine what was real and what wasn't. Then it occurred to him that only two things mattered. A bleeding girl laying in front of him with more holes then Swiss cheese and him staying alive to make the moment real. He took his knife and cut off the green tentacle. Two more emerged and went straight for him. He timed it right and sliced through both of them before they could touch his feet. He quickly recovered and leaped the gap. A breathe of hot air erupted below him as he passed. His clone at the threshold clapped and congratulated him. The killer didn't take a chance, he quickly ran from the gap and towards the threshold. His clone entered the darkness after revealing short words “ The girl is in here.”

He stepped through the threshold and the shadows he saw changed. He was in a large room illuminated by many bare light bulbs that hung on wires of all kinds of sizes. The killer wondered now if he was the delusional psychopath people told him he was. The room was big and in his mind he pictured the broken house from outside and knew this room couldn't exist in it. This room was to large, and it had no exits or windows. It served no purpose to the home. He had to ask himself, after everything he saw, if he was dreaming. Then far at the other side, two rows of light bulbs went off. Instinct told him he would find his answer among those shadows. Arriving at the darkness the girl in the clown mask revealed herself and next to her was his clone. He stared at his own face and saw something he never saw before. In all the times he stared at the mirror never did he see a smile like that. A true smile, this was someone else behind his face. A doppelganger. The women went right up to the killer and said “ Try to harm me but I will not die. “

He didn't let the words sink in, they were lies until proven true. He immediately plunged his knife into her left collar bone. Blood escaped but there was no scream or shriek. No acknowledgement of pain. Through the holes in the mask he could see that her eyes did not blink, they only stared at him. There was no fear.

“ You can't kill something that isn't alive Faust.” she stated to him.

He stumbled back, leaving the knife in her bone. “ How do you know my name?” he didn't wait for a reply. He quickly pulled the knife back and sliced his knife through her abdomen and saw her inside fall to the floor. He saw how it didn't effect her at all. She didn't reach down to try and put it back the way most humans did. “ We are all knowing of present and past. I've lead men like you here to the soul eater. Divine beings must be constantly fed souls. This one feeds off murderers. Most human cower in fear when they see their reality broken.”

The doppelganger smiled at the killer “ You know what you want!”
the girl continued “ And nothing stops you from obtaining it. You have no fear, like a true soldier of hell. Men like you are needed by us.”

“ For what?” the killer asked.

“ The army of darkness is always in need of soldiers “ she answered, “ Weather they are human or not.”

the doppelganger raised a hand and something about his genuine smile cut into the killers heart.
“ We are shifters, we used your desires to lure you here. Your survival shows potential. Follow our path and your desires will be met.”

the girl continued for him “ Slowly a plot is being produced. The world will be over taken by darkness.”

“ When it happens and you stand behind us. Your desires will be met. There will be brothels full of women for you to kill and fuck.” His clone exasperated with a fiendish smile, as if his own desires were being fulfilled right now.

He gave out a hand for the killer to shake and hold. Faust reminisced on the last time he trusted somebody. That moment never happened, and so why should it happen now? Either way the offer was tempting. He could not deny what he had seen since he stepped into this broken house. He stared into the eyes of the doppelganger and shook his hand. He would follow but never trust. He looked at the bleeding girl, she was perfect the way she was. Everything about her made him lust for her. He wanted to know what it was like to see her not breathe. Brothels full of women like this? Desires completely fulfilled? “ What do I have to do ?” he asked.

“ Just continue to do what you do.” The doppelganger said. “ And you will be protected by divine intervention. When the time comes we will call you to kill who we wish and you cannot refuse.”

That was the catch. Faust knew this. That would be the moment where any person would regret the deal they made. Faust would be asked to kill someone, someone such as his own mother or perhaps a bastard child of his somewhere in the world. But Faust never regretted anything, it was rare in him such as fear was. To begin with he wasn't much human, he only seemed so.

And what will the world be like in shadows? As long has he got his rewards of blood and flesh he wouldn’t care. He agreed on it at that very moment. “ Agreed, I am your servant to your masters.”

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