Renesmee: My Life & Eternally Yours DELETED CHAPTERS

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

So I was bored going through all of my old documents and found a couple OLD rough ideas and different directions to go with my fanfics...its no big deal but I thought it would be fun to post!! And sorry for the crazy delay with ch 17 of has been hitting hard lately :-/....any who hope you enjoy!

Was going through old documents and found some rough (really rough! lol) copies and Idea’s I’d had for my fan fictions…Thought it would be fun to post since it has been taking so long to update chapters lately (my apologies L ) I hope you enjoy…its nothing much!!
1. Jacob POV (Renesmee: My Life and Yours after the break up scene)
Maybe I was cursed, maybe in a past life I’d done something so wrong that it would ban me from ever being the sole occupant of the woman I loved heart.
It always happened to me, first with Bella. Even though I don’t think of her that way anymore, it’s even hard to picture or remember how I felt about her. But the fact remains that I had still finished second place, like I am now with Renesmee.
I hadn’t seen or spoke to Nessie in a week; it was the longest week of my life. I still patrolled her house at night. I’d promised I wouldn’t be far, I’d promised I’d still be looking out for her. I was making sure I kept that promise.
Those nights I would walk under her window; it would take everything in me, not to phase back and just jump into her room and hold her. I wanted to take everything back that I said, forget everything she’d done. But I couldn’t I had to stand my ground.
I didn’t think I would be able to do it; defy imprinting…I thought a human had a better chance of defying gravity with their bare two arms than I thought I had at defying imprinting.
It was insane the pull imprinting had on me; my every thought was occupied with Nessie’s face and her voice. I couldn’t stand it. To love someone as much as I loved…love…her and to know they don’t feel the same about you literally rips your heart out of your chest only to have it later stomped to the ground…
Bella has been calling but this is something I just don’t want to talk about …to anyone…
This is before I changed my mind and went with a Nessie POV…for some reason it is HIGHLY difficult for me to write in Jacob’s POV!!
2. Nahuel POV Renesmee: Eternally Yours Bk. 2This is a completely DIFFERENT DIRECTION than what I actually ended up posting…I just thought it was too talky and confusing…I don’t know!! But I hope you enjoy!
This is the scene where Nahuel is in South Africa Paralyzed and we didn’t know who was at the door after that cliff hanger…
My eyes fell into to disbelief; they were the last people I would have expected to see. I didn’t know what emotion I was feeling, but confusion conquered me.
“Oh what a wonderful find!” Aro’s voice said enthusiastically. Too many things were running through my mind…how did he know I was here? Had he gotten to Forks already…had my sister beat them to the punch? So many questions I wanted to ask but couldn’t.
“Jane…what is her name again?” Aro said out of the blue.
“Neatra” she stated coldly.
“Yes…Neatra that is it” he smiled walking closer to me “Hmm…” he walked to the other side of me I was unable to see him now.
“Well…I see you didn’t follow through with Renesmee Cullen, oh excuse me Renesmee Black… it saddens me deeply…I believe we had a deal”
I wanted to explain…I needed to ask where Hulien was…I was dying with burning questions that I could not articulate.
“You are lucky though” his feet slowly walked in front of me. I was able to move my neck slightly. It was hard to be excited about my new mobility with Aro hovering directly over me. “I have decided to give you another chance…but it all depends on where your loyalties lie”
I had absolutely no clue what he was referring to…if his new deal still involved me hurting Nessie in anyway then he could stop speaking now…he would be wasting his time and energy.
I waited for him to continue as I was slightly able to move my finger…relief was starting to take over my body, but I couldn’t enjoy the feeling of almost being free…what was going on in Aro’s head…how did he know I was here…why was he here?
“Contrary to belief …we do abide by our set rules” Aro said wistfully. “…and we shall not punish anyone unless they have broken any of those rules”
I had no clue what he was referring to, but I listened carefully.
“I should just cut to the chase shouldn’t I” he smiled.
“We have another proposition for you” he paused before continuing “Your sisters powers are by far the most intriguing I have ever seen…in all of my years…did you know that?...well you don’t know this do you…”
Powers…? I had no clue what he was talking about…I had no clue that Neatra had any other ability than what was expected from a half human half vampire. Angst and nervousness coursed through me.
“I am assuming you didn’t know because it’s not mentioned even once in your thoughts and memories” It seemed as if he were speaking to himself.
“I should cut to the chase shouldn’t I?” he stated with a gleeful smile on his face…his voice light and care free.
“I was so intrigued by the thought of Renesmee that I didn’t consider any other options” he walked back towards the door standing next to Jane. “The idea of the creature Renesmee would create was exciting…wouldn’t you say?”
I didn’t answer for obvious reasons and I wouldn’t have answered if I could.
“Well little did I know how amazing your sister is…Hulien has many recent memories of Neatra…did you know that?”
Hearing Hulien’s name and not knowing if she were alive stabbed at the depths of my being.
I quickly flashed back to when I’d first started speaking to Neatra again how’d Hulien, Neatra and I spent a lot of time together…none of those memories really seemed to stand out…I was curious as to what Aro was referring to.
“Of course you wouldn’t know because Hulien didn’t tell you she knew about Neatra’s power”
Hulien knew? Why didn’t she tell me? These questions were the least of my problems at the moment though.
I really don’t know where I was planning on going with that one!!
Ch 20 extra Nahuel POV Renesmee: My Life and Yours…This is After the Cullen’s/ Wolf Pack find Nessie and Kill Serina…Aro is propositioning Nahuel…
“My apologies” he laughed “How rude of me…I actually need your help”
I didn’t respond.
“Now, I had a small agreement with Renesmee’s father Edward” Aro explained as he walked back to his thrown I guess one would call it.
“That we could use his gift in exchange for the disposal of Joham your father” he paused, then turned around as if waiting for my reaction, I did not have one.
“Well” he continued “I’m sure Edward didn’t think Joham would be so easy to destroy…it turns out they didn’t need our services at all” he exclaimed.
“The only problem is, we did what we promised we showed up…now we would like our fair share of the deal”
As he said the words, they completely didn’t make since to me.
“So…you want me to steal Renesmee?” I said in shock and disgust and anger…
“No…No! My dear Nahuel I just simply want you to use your powers…”
That is it… I completely scrapped this because I had absolutely NO clue where I was going with this either!! Lol!!
Any who I hope you enjoyed and sorry about this crazy delay on Chapter 17 of Renesmee: Eternally Yours Bk. 2. I will be working on it shortly but college and family issues have been kicking my butt!! :-/

Submitted: April 08, 2010

© Copyright 2022 Cullen24Bryant. All rights reserved.

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Its a good thing u scraped these cause even i hardly understood! i just read it cause ure stuff rocks!!! and i tottaly understand about the Eternally Yours hold up, take ure time and relax, we wont DIE!! Well, maybe... no we wont.

Thu, April 8th, 2010 6:29pm


Wow i liked it!

Fri, June 4th, 2010 1:02am

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