the great quake

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a myth about how earthquakes are made

Submitted: April 27, 2013

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Submitted: April 27, 2013



The Great Quake




Many have heard of the rise but never of when it would happen. In 1400 the people of greece were out when a flock of birds flew in to the middle of town and at the blink of the eye the birds were men, but one man stood out from them all his name was anchises which meant father. he told the other men that he was there for one reason and one reason only to find the maiden of his dreams and raise a family with her. As the other men left the people admired anchises bright blue eyes and pitch black hair. the told the people not to be afraid and that the rise was not going to happen yet.

After many years passed he had searched for the woman but yet no luck. he started to get impatient when he see’s the sign that says “Dance 9:30 tonight dress nice” when he saw it he said to himself “she might be there.”As he heads into the room he see’s the most lovely lady there in a peacock dress and her skin as white as snow made her blue eyes pop out like the sky and her yellow hair was shining as bright as the sun. She’s perfect he said to himself as he walks closer. Anchises asked for her name as she told him it was Jacintha she added in that it meant beautiful in greece as anchises asked to dance she said that she would like to see him again so the next day they met again for dinner anchises flattered her with many compliments but the one he said at the end of the night was the sweetest he said jacintha your even lovelier than the moon in the night sky, and got on one knee and said

“jacintha will you marry me “

A few months later jacintha said yes and they get married right away after their honeymoon jacintha told anchises that she was pregnant. as the years went by they wondered what to name it jacintha said if it was a girl she wanted it to be page because it meant child and if it was a boy agamemnon because it meant mighty warrior. jacintha died during childbirth. anchises was so devastated that he left after seeing the baby it was a girl. he went back to terabithia where he was originally from without page.

By the time page was thirteen she was even lovelier than her mother her eyes were sea blue her hair chocolate brown tan skin she was beautiful

but as she grew older she noticed that she was half god. when anchises found out about page knowing she was half god he came back to greece to bring her home. when he saw her he told her that she was princess of terabithia and that she would be a great ruler.

When page saw that her father came back she was furious and said to him she had nothing to do with him because he left when she was a baby. she got so angry at him she through a tantrum and stomped her feet until the earth shook beneath them.

page was so frightened of what she had done that she thought the only way to control it was to go to terabithia and learn to use her ability. years later she came back to earth and every time anchises tried to get her to come back she would make the earth shake.


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