May Summer Birthday

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May Summer Birthday- a poem by: amanda-

Submitted: May 21, 2011

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Submitted: May 21, 2011



The sun will shine, the day will be mine, what a perfect day to come out and play! We will ride with the windows down to let the suns rays of happiness shine down upon us. When we get to the beach we will all jump out and throw our shoes and let our feet hit the warm concrete till we reach sand and let our toes marinate in the grainy, cool, relaxing white beach sand, we will breath in the fresh ocean sent that tickles our noses and reminds us of seashells in the sand that we will gather and put in a lime green bucket, then let the sound of the waves wash away our stresses and troubles and we will slowly step into the water, taking in the overwhelming feeling of awe that makes us gasp and smile like the sun above us, it is at this moment we will let our spirits fly into the perfect summer beach breeze and let our souls be free and be mermaids for a day, and we will enjoy this blissful, glorious day that god will bless us with!

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