The Ferris Wheel called Love

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Ferris Wheels...
Romantic, Cliched imagery combined with carnival/fair imagery. Ferris wheels can have many hidden meanings to it and can be compared to many things (As love can be too)Love is exciting like a ferris wheel, and love can also have it's downpours too. Just like the game/battle of love :)

Submitted: December 31, 2009

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Submitted: December 31, 2009




Love can be compared to many things in this man-made world we live in.

Love is like a ferris wheel, It has it's ups and downs.

When a relationship is over, you are picked up again and taken for a ride before you are dumped on your ass once again. The ride may be fun, this time around, but I can assure you next time around it will hurt and the pain will linger..

Sometimes the seats are cushiony and last forever. But sometimes the seat is bumpy and uncomfortable.

Often when a chair is bumpy and uncomfortable you tend to move from seat to seat until you find the perfect one that bends to your will, or one that you can at least tolerate for the time being.

During the ride you may notice the chairs swing back and fourth. This is the violent relationship which everyone wants to avoid. But sometimes you sit on the wrong chair and refuse to move because you think all the other chairs are taken. But there are always other chairs out there for you to sit on. If you think there aren't at the time, then wait until the next ride and find the perfect one. Life's too short to spend it on the wrong chair.

Sometimes the ride can be calm and move at a constant speed. But there will never be the perfect ride with no bumps and bangs along the way, never expect that there won't be damage because you can never predict what the weather will be like when you're head is in the clouds while you are on the ride.

Sometimes the ride may stop while you are in mid-air, this is the ride that every lover envies... The ride where you feel time freezing over while you sit on your secure chair, looking over the edge at all the uncertainty around you while other lovers find the bumps and bangs on the way difficult to cope with. As the ride freezes over, you know that this is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, you want to spend all the time in the world embracing you're lover. But remember that what comes up must come down, So time won't freeze over for long. Maybe for a night as you lay in each other's arms.

Throughout you're time on the ride, you may hear other people's yells of uncertainty. But don't let these screeches of fighting and doubt let you're ride become full of distrust and fear. Enjoy you're ride that you payed with you're heart for. But don't be blinded by faith, keep you're eye out for turbulents and don't put you're whole heart into the chair that could possibly be letting another sit on it.

Overall, Enjoy the ride of "Love"

Love is a gamble, but anything can become reality if you positively put it out into the universe :)



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