Alone And Strong

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taken from my book, "Running Thru Fields Of Escape"

Submitted: March 04, 2011

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Submitted: March 04, 2011



Alone And Strong


The sounds of the marbles

Working in justice

The fireworks of life

Puddles of fright

Now thee angles of time

Let loose the begining of a sigh

Momentarally thee honesty cannot lie

Yet, nobody can tell the time

When love lets you go

__and leaves you behind


Thee angles ask "what's wrong with it?"

But how can God take away your life?

An answer now, you will not get

She cut your heart out

__and decided to eat it

Marked with red

The covering dread

Can't these voices find somebody else

To run over and over-torment?

Can't the future be seen at all?


Plans of places to go are left

For the dead

For the dead

A relationship resoulved now

That's thee only answweer there is

A request you don't need to satisfy


Now that love is dead

And you don't have to say "goodbye"

__for she said it for you


Mountains of nothing

Nothing left

An empty mouth you carry around

All the words can never leave your brain

All of the lies, you believed in them

All of the hurt

You won't get over it

Now there's nothing left to say

No chance for another at an old age


And all of a sudden you look around

Around your life, and you can do without

All of the sacrifices you'd of

Had to of made

It's so impossible

__and you're used to the solo life

You've had enough of waiting

You make plans on how it's gonna be

For the rest of your life




D. L. Cannon

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