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written on 11/9/11 finished by 2:36pm
about my past

Submitted: November 09, 2011

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Submitted: November 09, 2011



you swarm in on me

i didnt know how

to get rid of you

my conscience was telling me

i shouldnt do this

but my brain

was egging iton

i couldnt wait til

i felt the adrenaline rush

three years later along the same road,

it's gotten worse

where i can hardly go a day without you

but i just cant stop

ive gotten no messages

that have said to stop

they all said nothing

blankly staring at me in the face

just cluelesss about my goals

although they have

known me for years after years

its like they have decieved me

all together

sometimes i get confused

of what i should do

i think about it too hard

that i convince myself

for what im doing is okay

but its not

in minutes i shall

say my last words

in this life time

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