devil things

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11/17/11 2:04pm

Submitted: November 18, 2011

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Submitted: November 18, 2011



we messed around

with devil things,

both you and i didnt care

this is our life ,

isnt that correct?

shouldnt we be able

to do what we please?

our hearts are in the wrong,

 while we do these things

the devil has reached my conscience

i only have a few moments to live

so hear my cry

i dont wanna have u end up like me

please change your ways

i dont want you to die

you still have time

to do this

take a 180 turn

the devil hasnt consumed

you yet

run, run for your life

before its too late

your life doesnt

have to be this way

one day a few years ago

you told me we would live a different way

baby change your ways

like you promised me

if you truly love me

then you will

i can feel the poison

running through my veins

i love you....

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