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my boyfriend wont talk to me bc he did herion and i was pissed off about it, but now he is off i hope any way

Submitted: December 12, 2011

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Submitted: December 12, 2011



why is this so hard?

it's like im talkin

to a brick wall...

please talk to me baby

im here

i aint goin any where

walking along this road

catch glimpses of you

like this is where your supposed to be

but you got lost along this wretched year

if you grab my hand,

you can be saved from the hell

that your about to land in

hurry before its too late to save you

if you keep walking to where your going

you could be leading a terrible course

and you dont even realize that im trying to help you

when you enter this sanctuary

your going to have a whole lot of sufferings

cuz you didnt even try to solve your issues

that you previously had

you just ignored it

you thought they would just go away with the wind

but i know how it works

they dont disappear

they  just remain in ur conscience

until you deal with them

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