is this how

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bout a relationship i had wit a boy, it seemed real at first then i realized that i was being played. to all you boys a girl is a treasure, treat her like a jewel

Submitted: July 27, 2012

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Submitted: July 27, 2012



is this how its suppose to be

i gave you my key

this is fucking shit

stop throwin your fit

cuz i gave you my heart

now its time for us to part

at first you seemed perfect, the one

when the truth rised, i said im done

i looked into your seductive eyes

and saw through all your lies

trust me baby, you aint foolin me

you just gotta pay the fee

im tryin to get outta here

our future was seen, seen by a seer

she looked up and said

that she saw the dead

you better get runnin to your momma's

to set your life on pause

i be livin my life

while yours is at strife

i be laughin in your face

i'm at the top while you at the base

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