my first gothic story

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gothic literature is very easy to write: like harry potter, twilight, vampire diaries, charmed; anything that has these elements in it:
Damsel in distress
psychological distress
remote loacation
night time action
can you find all of these elements?

Submitted: December 11, 2011

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Submitted: December 11, 2011



In the year of 2008, in the suburban town of Independence, it happens to be a Friday night. Candice, a girl who is sixteen years of age, a junior in high school and is the captain of the volleyball team, is about to go on a jog. She would actually be going to a volleyball game, but there wasn’t one tonight, because her coach decided not to have one on the schedule. Candice went over to her closet to grab her jump suit and her Nike Shox, went back over to her bed and grabbed her iPod. As she was bending over to get her iPod, she felt a cool breeze met the flawless skin of her face. Candice couldn’t recall that she opened her window; she walked over and closed it. When she closed the window there was an old man out on the sidewalk staring up at her. The man is Gamel, her next door neighbor. People say that he went really crazy when his wife died. She got the chills, but she still wanted to go on a run.

Candice ran down the stairs to the living room. Ryan, her little thirteen year old brother, was sitting on the couch and was watching a show called Family Guy. Family Guy isn’t exactly an appropriate television show for his age group; even their mother didn’t approve of Ryan watching it. Ryan is a defiant child and he doesn’t care what others say, he just cares about what he wants to do. When Candice got down to the living room, Ryan looked up from the show. “Hey, Ryan I’m going for a run, so please don’t answer the door or anything. Just watch the television,” Candice demanded of him to follow.

Ryan replied, “’Kay, I’ll just watch Family Guy or something on the television.”

He got up so he could lock the door behind Candice. As soon as she stepped out the door, she just started to run. She had no idea where she was running towards to, she didn’t care. About fifteen minutes later she stopped in mid – pace, she landed on the street called Apple Street. This street happens to be five miles away from her home. She felt a hand land upon her shoulder a few seconds after she stopped running. Her first instincts were to grab the hand and throw the person over her shoulder and land on the ground in front of her, but she didn’t. Candice grabbed the hand and elbowed the person in the ribs.

She turned around and to see it was Gamel. “Oh! My! God! I’m so sorry! I didn’t even know that you were behind me!” Candice started to freak out. ‘What if I hurt him really bad and then he died?’ she thought inside her head.

“I’m fine. I knew you were going to do that. It’s everyone’s first instincts to do so. The reason why I am following you around is so I can tell you something. I’m here to warn you that something is going to attack you. This someone is a demon; he took my wife. My wife and I are your real parents; the reason why we didn’t keep you is, because we wanted you to live a normal life and everything. Even if we kept you, you would’ve died. But now the demon has figured out that we did have a kid, he is going to find you and kill you,” Gamel said as if he was saying the truth.

Candice started to laugh at Gamel, “Wow people are so right, you’re a crazy old man. I just thought you are a trouble old man.”

Gamel got rather pissed off at Candice, “Alright I don’t have time for this!” He ran towards Candice grabbed her shoulder and started to chant some cracked out crap. Candice tried to escape his grasp, but she isn’t strong enough to escape. A few seconds later he let go of her and Candice fell to the ground and felt really dizzy.

“What did you do to me?!” Candice started freaking out.

“I gave you powers that will help you be protected, you know so you don’t die. The powers you received would be levitation, mind reading and invisibility. They were my wife’s powers; they helped her in a lot of cases. Now when you first get your powers they will be a little weird, that’s why you got to practice them on a daily basis. Let’s try to focus on levitation. Close your eyes and think about levitating, it should work,” Gamel said.  Candice thought Gamel said this, but he didn’t, he thought this, ‘I hope this works.’

Candice said, “Of course this is gonna work! You shouldn’t doubt anything, because we gotta have some perseverance, faith.”

Gamel got a huge smile come upon his old, wrinkled face, “You did it, and you read my mind. I guess we can do this. Alright now try to levitate.”

Candice closed her eyes and tried to levitate. She thought she couldn’t, so she opened her eyes and fell. “Why the hell did you do that for?” she yelled at Gamel.

“I didn’t, you levitated, yeah I know you couldn’t feel it, it feels like that sometimes.”

“Oh, I see,” is all she could think of saying.

“This demon is the hardest thing to kill, so I had to get an athame and put a curse on it. It’s literally the only thing that could kill this demon,” Gamel explained to her.

He handed it to her and she grabbed it, “Where am I supposed to put it? You know so when I get to the house my brother won’t freak out that I have a knife.”

“Oh I almost forgot that I have a box to give you, this box has everything you need is in it,” Gamel snapped his fingers and a box appeared out of thin air.

Candice grabbed the box and placed the athame in the box and, “Now how am I supposed to carry this to my house, so I don’t have to get asked where I got it?”

“Think about it being invisible, then it will,” Gamel suggested.

Candice thought about turning the box invisible, and then a few seconds it happened. She felt really happy, because she was successful in all her powers. “Hey, Gamel I’m gonna go to my house, I’m a little tired you know? A long day this was.” She started to walk away, but Gamel shouted at her through thoughts ‘Don’t you dare use your powers in anyone’s sight!’ Candice shouted at him saying okay. She got to her house and knocked the secret knock. Ryan came over to unlock the door and Candice darted right up the stairs straight up to her room.

She got into her room and locked the bedroom door and set the box on her bed. Candice opened up the box and she gasped; there are a few items that are in the box. The first item she pulled out was a pair of leather pants that you would see a spy wear. The next thing was a corset top; you don’t tie it in the back, but in the front. She really liked the top, and then she pulled out black boots that went up to her knee. Candice walked over to her window and closed the blinds and she got dressed into her clothes. Candice didn’t really realize that there was an athame in the box.

Candice turned around to open up the window, but Aaron was standing right there, ever so quietly. She screamed, “Oh god! You scared me, please don’t do that again.”

“Sorry, but Gamel thought I should train you now. He senses that this demon of his will attack any day now and he wants you to be trained,” Aaron tried to explain to her.

“But he most has not understood that I’m tired. But if he wants this I might as well do it, because I highly doubt I have a say so in this,” Candice replied to Aaron.

“Yeah you’re right, you really don’t have a say so in this. Alright are you ready to train?”

“I guess,” she said so unsure.

‘The first thing we have to do is sit down and relax, because if you are not relaxed then your powers won’t get the full effect.’

Candice sat down as Aaron commanded, closed her eyes and tried to focus on levitating. Within a few seconds she felt really lighter, so she opened her eyes to see if it worked. She realized it wasn’t only her, but as well as Aaron; Candice didn’t know that Aaron could levitate, too. Candice lost her train of thought and fell on the ground, “Ow!”

Aaron started to laugh, “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I just fell. What now?”

“The clothes that you’re wearing are very special. Gamel made them very enchanted, you know so you don’t die as easy as you would without them. Gamel is a very talented wizard; he defiantly loves his work. These clothes have other special powers to help you enhance your powers,” Aaron explained.

Candice thought to herself ‘How come Gamel can’t do this himself? Why did he bring her into this?’

Aaron asked her, “What’s wrong?”

Candice asked, “How come Gamel can’t do this himself?”

“Because he is too old and he isn’t as good as he used to be. The clothes you’re wearing, he designed those ages ago. He wants someone who is young at heart and soul; do you know what I mean?”

“Yeah, I guess. I was just wondering why, since you say Gamel is so powerful.”

“Alright, since we tested out your mind reading and levitation, we need to try to test out the invisibility,” Aaron suggested.

Aaron and Candice turned around, because they heard someone clapping, “Well, what do we have hear?” this male said in a sly way. The male is a medium, slender with very dark eyes and hair. He is wearing a black Blink - 182 shirt, black skinnies and a leather fashion jacket.

Candice said in a very sarcastic way, “So, I’m going to battle you? I could break you in two.”

Aaron started to laugh. “So Aaron, aren’t you surprised that I got my powers back?” the male said.

Aaron replied, “Actually, I am not, because I didn’t kill you, Rhando. Candice, this is a guy that I cannot stand. He and I have battled plenty of times; the last time we battled I took away his powers for a few decades. He must’ve gotten them back recently.”

“Oh, don’t worry, even as a mortal I fought with people a lot and I always won.” Candice focused on turning invisible so she could kill him by surprise. She whispered to Aaron as quietly as possible, “Hey could you distract him please?”

Aaron told her through a thought, ‘Yeah, go to a box there is an athame. That’s the only thing that can kill him. Be careful.’

Candice walked in front of Rhando, and then she circled around him without causing a breeze. He didn’t even realize that I circled around him. Aaron walked up to Rhando, “Where is Candice?” Rhando asked.

“I don’t know,” was Aaron’s reply.

“Right whatever. Do you even know her powers?”

Aaron did but he didn’t want to give her away, “I only knew only one power, which is levitation. Gamel wanted me to train her, because he said her and I had the same power.”

“Oh, whatever I know you know more!” Rhando flew his fists at Aaron, but Aaron blocked the aims of Rhando. Aaron may only have a few powers, but he can fight pretty damn well. He levitated up and kicked Rhando in the face; while this was going on Candice grabbed the athame. She ran towards Rhando and ran it straight in the back, where his heart was located. Rhando made that sound that Candice knew he was dying, she didn’t like killing people, but this made her happy.

Candice thought about turning back visible, within a few seconds she was visible. Rhando crashed on the floor while he was dying, “Wow, great job!” Aaron exclaimed.

Rhando looked up at her, “You were the one my dad was talking about. Gamel is my dad, so that would make you my sister. He always talked about; he said that you would be the most powerful witch ever.”

Candice stood there, dumbfounded. Like if she had no idea to do next, she was just struck, because her whole life she thought she was the only child, besides Ryan downstairs. Rhando was the only thing close to a real brother she could ever have. Both Aaron and Candice heard the last breath Rhando would ever make. “Hey Aaron, I’m gonna go down stairs to see if Ryan is okay.” She walked downstairs and Ryan was ok, he was just passed out; the television was still on Family Guy. Candice walked over to the television and turned it off, went back over to Ryan and picked him up and carried him up to his bedroom. She laid him down and covered him up; Candice turned around and walked to her bedroom. When she got there, Rhando was gone along with Aaron, “I didn’t even get to say goodbye or thank you.”  Candice took off her battle cloths off and went to bed.

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