opposite of good

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12:21 pm 12/12/11
i wrote this poem bc i was here before but i finally escaped, escaped from all this crap. you see many people dont know i struggled with being myself. i used cutting, drugs and alcohol; sometimes i used cigs, but now i feel great i have been off alcohol for over a year, drugs since march 4th and cutting feb. 26., feb. 28 was my last cigs. if any one has ?s i will definitaly answer all them to the best of my ability.

Submitted: December 12, 2011

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Submitted: December 12, 2011



you were at the market

this sunday morning

you was buying your dash

i looked into your eyes

your eyes are the eyes of the devil

i could hear the sneer escaping your lips

from miles away from my location

as i failed to reach happiness

i am trapped in this hell

no where to escape

running in circles in this place

not towards the goal that i need to reach

screaming on top of my lungs

not even one soul could hear me

then i realized why they couldnt hear me

you trapped me in this whitle bubble

i tried and tried to pop it

but it wouldnt pop

i couldnt leave

i fell to my knees and gave up

when i woke up the following day

the bubble was gone

i jumped to my feet

and ran, ran back to where i was before

everyone asked where i went

and my reply was




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