overwhelmed by this

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hating the past...u soon remember wat u have learned when someone brings it up. then ur like oh that is right. written on 11/10/11 on 11:18 am

Submitted: November 10, 2011

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Submitted: November 10, 2011



i'm being surrounded

by you

i dont know how

to tell you how

i truly feel about you

its a...

love-hate relationship

that we have

you never actually

cared about my well-being

not til now

because your losing me

i am telling you to fuck off

now that ive grown up

and abandonded you

how do you like that?

you were trying to talk to me

but i walked away

i need to be free

from your wretched chains

to live a stress free life

when i was with you

i was so stressed and paranoid

always hiding from him

my heart is finally healed

one man came up to me

and asked

if i was okay

i said of course i am

in my head i was

wondering why he asked that

not until i got home from school

when i looked in a mirror

i couldnt recognize

the reflection of the girl

she sorta resembled me though

just looked really freaked out

her pupils are very dilated

hair a disaster

mayber one day

she will learn

from her mistakes that she made

i turned around

and my past was looking me right in the eye

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