silly me

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i have sticked by your side through things why have i stayed??

Submitted: October 20, 2011

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Submitted: October 20, 2011



all i did was

love you

and all i got

from you was

the burn afterwards

i realized half way

in our relationship

that i should leave you

but i didnt have

enough strengh

every night i would cry

myself to sleep

and when i was sleeping

all i had were nightmares

of you

i would wake up in fear

if i didnt do what you said

i would find bruises when i wake

all i did was to please you

it had to be your way

or no way at all

one day someone

came up to me

and asked me

if i was getting beaten by someone

i said no

then they asked

where did them bruises come from

i say that i fell down some stairs

in my backyard

then they reply

try to be careful

if i needed any help

that i could contact them

i went toour house

no one was home

i just cried, cried

so hard

because i didnt know what to do

then i heard a door open

i rushed to the bathroom

closed the door

there was a knock on the door

"yes." i said

trying to control my voice

"hey is everything okay?"

"yes." i replied.

"im just about to take a shower"


i heard his footsteps walk away

from the bathroom door

i grabbed a towel from the closet

in the bathroom

started the shower

got in i took a long shower

when i was done

i pulled the shower curtains

and there he was

i screamed

"now there is no reason to be scared of me."

he said it in a sly voice

when i opened my eyes

i was not in the house

it looked like i was in a hospital

my body hurted from every angle

"ma'am your okay. just relax."

after that day i have never seen

him ever again.....

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