sociology test #2

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my second test for this class

Submitted: April 02, 2012

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Submitted: April 02, 2012



Sociology test #2


1. I feel that Cooley’s theory is the most accurate. It describes how we want to appear to others and if others don’t like the way we are, we don’t do it again. The reason why I didn’t choose Locke is he said that babies don’t have personalities, I feel like this isn’t true, because everyone has a personality. Mead’s is quite similar to Cooley, but he made a flaw. He proposed that our significant others lose importancy when they don’t.

2. Gender discrimination still exists in the work force. Females usually don’t have the most paying jobs; the government jobs or even the ones that deal with heavy objects are the ones that are held by men. Most people feel that women aren’t smart enough to have these kinds of jobs.

3. Things that I’ve learned about the important issues that adults are: number one is defiantly finding a job with a good pay, working conditions and that you enjoy doing. Adults have tons of things that they have to pay for, it’s very crazy. Americans have to work two thirds of their life, so many want to not dread going to work every day. Number two is one’s college career; before one gets a career/job they need to get some kind of college degree. Some adults don’t exactly know what they want to be, so they get a job before they go to college so they can decide what they want to do with the rest of their life. It’s not just knowing what you want to be, but finding the right college to go to; one that suits your best taste.

4. Challenges and opportunities adults that are aging that are facing are: mental disabilities, physical disabilities and death is becoming more accepting to them. New opportunities they face are: new hobbies develop and part – time jobs. The aging have to face getting Medicare and retiring from their jobs.

5. The 3 greatest social effects of the baby boom generation are: 1. the baby boom generation is the biggest group of people. They are aging and so there are more commercials regarding wrinkle creams and similar products. 2. The majority of people in the USA are older. 3. The cause of baby boom generation is during this time there were more births now the birth rate has gone drastically down.

6. The government should move away from private healthcare.  The privatehealthcare is taking a lot of money to make. Besides if we were all on the same healthcare it would be easier for everyone. People who are on private healthcare have to pay periodic fees, too expensive, if we were on public healthcare we wouldn’t have to really worry about that. People who are on private healthcare get it through their work, if their bosses don’t give them the healthcare money, then more people would get out of debt, because their paycheck will go up.


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