these words in my head

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a song i created a few days ago i hope ya'll like it. comment and rate please :)

Submitted: July 22, 2012

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Submitted: July 22, 2012



these words be rhymin in my head

all these words that i have said

can't deny how i feel

it's your fault that these wounds won't heal

i gave you all that i've ever had

broke my heart, now i'm sad

i don't wanna face da truth

jump from girl to girl, think that's smooth

it's not cute, no it's not

you think that love can be bought

every day I pray for you

but you already knew

all these battles that we already had

they only made me mad

all i wanted was you to love me,

i'd  give you my heart, there's no fee

are you listenin' to my words?

i'm jus tryin' to let you kno that it hurts

listen to what my heart is tryin to tell you

all i ever wanted was for you to be my boo

why is it hard for you to understand

you will if you grab my hand

i'm pourin' out my heart boy

jus' stop playin me like a toy

i ain't like other girls

cuz i dont want you white pearls

all you do is stand there in your stupid polo

your standin' on that corner thinking your so hot

but baby, i saw you, you just got caught

cheatin' isn't cool

it only makes you look like a fool

you told me that i was the one

but i'm through wit this, i'm done

you never treated me right

all we ever did was fight

i cant take this crap no more

that little girl, bring that whore

she's got so much youth

tears in her eyes, you can't soothe

she tries to play your game

you don't even know bloody name

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