why are you?

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about how much i care for u and now ur pushing me away! wtf! ive done nothing wrong!
9:07 pm

Submitted: December 04, 2011

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Submitted: December 04, 2011



wev've only been together

  for a short while

an your already

  treating me like shit!

why the fuck do you

  treat me this way?

i feel so alone

  cuz you don't even care

waisted this time

  all on you!

don't try to come

  near me!

i don't recognize you

  not even a little bit.

i fucking hate

  everything about you!

you ruined

  a time of my life!

so many promises;

  so many lies

that you broken;

  that you have spoken to my ears!

shoulda not made 'em

  something that you can't keep

so this is what i gotta say:

  leave, don't ever come back

keep your eyes on the path

  don't look back at me

i look down

  as a waterfall falls

seeing the smirk

  upon your face

yeah i know

  i'll miss ya

i love ya

  and i always will

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