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dr goreliks lack of knowledge

Submitted: October 14, 2014

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Submitted: October 14, 2014



I remember having a delusion about Ralph Fiennes not dying and that I invented a religion called kearneyism. When lyubov first heard of it she wanted to increase my anti-psychotic injection just so that my eyes could roll up into the back of my head on a day to day basis for the next 35+ years. 

A thirty something year old is not as smart as a fifty something year old. There is nothing that lyubov can teach me because what she is currently teaching me is something I learned when I was younger. Lyubov is not as wise and knowledgrable than other staff and other people i know from other places. 

So what I wanted to discuss in this writing is why is lyubov is making decisions towards my treatment and why she is messing around with my thoughts. She is not a very smart psychiatrist and she is also a very lowkey person. She is only in her mid-thirties and her oldest child is still in elementary school. But I don't get why she keeps increasing my medication. 

When Lyubov found out that i wanted to kill everybody at Lifespire including Lyubov herself the stupidest bullshit about it was that lyubov pretended that i wasn't threatening her when in fact she just decided to adjust my medication immediately. I tried to ask her if she has any children and she absolutely ignored what i said which is why she is the one making me more angry because a stupid woman is not as educated as the people at pillar of truth. 

Everytime lyubov heard that i was throwing tantrums she adjusts my meds immediately. So what i should propose to marguerite is that lyubov is not educated enough in the areas that i am yearning to learn in. So that means lyubov is not an a-plus psychiatrist but due to lack of knowledge i would give lyubov a d-plus for her ratings as a psychiatrist. 

So where do we go from here? As long as she is at Lifespire she would make sure that i am on high dosages on all my medication including my im injection just so that I could stop throwing tantrums, stop putting my hands on people, stop writing threats and stop hearing voices and deceiving myself with my religion kearneyism. If lyubov increased my im injection me worrying about ralph fiennes dying is just a figment of my imagination and i will allegedly go to hell. I say allegedly because i don't have a single clue how many years apart me and ralph fiennes dies apart. And this is all because of a dumb stupid decision made by lyubov. 

What if I die and do not know when Ralph Fiennes dies? I would reincarnate into an African American woman not just because i didn't know if ralph fiennes died or not but because the anti-psychotic medication that I take is preventing me from knowing when i will stop watching wrestling. So that means when I come back as that African American woman by the time i stop watching wrestling in that second incarnation as a black woman I will be a senior citizen and i can't be happy until i reincarnate in to another black man in a later generation than me and lyubov. 

At lifespire i am there for a reason and at lifespire i am not learning anything. I sometimes go to program hungry because i have no money to buy food. So Mr. Hall tells me that I get fed at program which is not true. The food costs money and I don't usually don't have any money to buy anything from the wagon because i have poor money management skills. So once I go hungry at program tara asks me where is my lunch? I says I'll eat when i get home. There are times that I have no pna or food stamps and then I have to wait until 6:30 in the evening to eat just because i can't budget my money. Everytime I get paid I buy books put money on my debit card to go to gay male porn sites. At times after I leave program I get so hungry that I rush home to try to see if there is any fiood in the back to eat and there is nothing in the kitchen to make to eat. So I ask staff that are cooking on the first floor if I can make something to eat and they tell me that i will wait until dinner comes and that i will only eat one plate because everybody has to eat. 

I don't ever bring food to program anymore. Do you know why? Because there is nothing for me to make at home  and psch is on a tight budget. So, the fact that staff at psch are telling me that they feed me program which is causing me to go hungry every time everyone eats lunch at program. So, if people are not feeding me at program and program is serving free food and i go to program thinking i get a free meal with no pna or food stamps I would have no other choice to go hungry because I have saved no money to go to the wagon and buy food. Plus the only food they have is mac and cheese bagels rolls and oodles and noodles. 

So why do I go to Lifespire every day? To get a job? Doing what? To sit at a desk as a cashier with the machine that I use to sell books at such and such a bookstore? What bookstore? What bookstores are hiring? I don't know! I am not searching for a job yet because I don't get to program on time and until then i am not going to search for a job and go to work if i come late to program late. The reason why i go to program late is because i stay on my computer until 12 midnight doing leisurely activities on my laptop. So until I get to program on time I will be going around in circles. Pray my strength in the Lord. My Diary #1. 

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