First Day of School; My Style

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

First day of middle school. Think WWYD, What Would YOU Do.
Jackie Simons figures it out in First Day of School; My Way!

I took a deep breath, and steped into a new planet. Adjusting my packs straps, afterall it held all my supplies, I walked into a crazy world to the welcoming station.

"Your name?" The bored attendant asked. Nerves surged through me in an unexpected tidal wave, thoughts racing faster than a rocket through my mind. What if I don't have any classes with my friends? What if I have last lunch and the foods all gone? What if I get mean teachers? What if I am late to all my classes because I cant open my locker? The attendant smiled. "First day jitters. I think I saw your picture a few pages back. Is your name Jackie Simons?" More confident now I managed to say yes and was handed my scheadule.

  1. Art
  2. Social Studies
  3. Math
  4. Science
  5. Lunch
  6. English
  7. P.E.

Score! I had P.E. last, so no one would have to deal with my stench and I could just shower at home! Art was in room 48 so I glanced at my map and set off. One class that would be easy, I loved art. I had won several awards for my peices, the best one was bidded up to 80 dollars!

In the classroom, my teacher Mr. Saro, handed us clay. We were to; "Explore our inner creativity" and "Create our true essence" by sculpting who we felt we were on the inside with clay. I sat there for a couple of minutes thinking, then i set to work. By the time Mr. Saro came around to check our sculptures, I finished.  It was a misshapen plaque with a million doodles and in the corner, a small girl holding her arms wide, lettin the picture pour out of her heart. Saro looked at it, couriosity lighting his gaze. Then he instructed me to leave it on the drying table.

Social Studies had to be the most boring class ever! The teacher whos name i cant remember just froned on about some way a society was supposed to be organized to ensure the best possible outcome, and how he expected the way his students to behave to reflect that. I personally had mastered the art of open eyed sleeping, so I just dreamed about flying. The math instructor was okay, I thought i might be able to  get a C.

Science, we are learning chemistry. Mrs. Leeware tried to explain to me that it's not as simple as mixing paints. I caused a small explosion anyway. Lunch, the big rush. I had packed my own, so I just found a quiet-ish spot with CC, Tara, and Dani.

When English arrived i was still bursting with energy and quietly read through the period. P.E. was simple. I streched, ran, played dogeball.

Going home that night was awesome. I knew I had conquered my first day. I showered and texted my friend goodnight. Then Jackie Ella Simons crashed harder than a blind elephant into a wall, runnin as fast as possible. The End.

Submitted: January 17, 2015

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