If Love Were A Story...

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If love were a story we'd meet on the very first page.

Submitted: February 26, 2013

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Submitted: February 26, 2013



We met when we where young. In middle school. You remember... I was working in the library as an aide and you walked in.You asked me for help finding a book. A book about cars.

"So you like cars, huh?' I asked trying to be nice.

"Yea. You?'

"I like some."

"Like what?"

"1967 Chevy Impala," I said.

"Your a fan of 'Supernatural'?" You asked sounding shocked.

"Yea! Dean and Sam are awesome!" Supernatural is a show about two brothers. Dean and Sam Winchester. Dean is older than Sam. They have followed in their fathers footsteps for hunting the supernatural.

We continued our conversation for a few more minutes. Then you had to go.

We didn't see each other for a while. Not util track. Then I met your brother. I fell in love with him. He broke my heart.

"We should be friends. It's stupid when people break up and they don't stay friends," He said. We haven't talked in over a year. I don't know why I fell for him, when you were more my type. Do you remeember racing me, during our two warm up laps? I beat you.

We talked for hours everyday. When we were in relationships, we'd still text each other more than the person we were with. I'd watch your swimming practices, come to any of your track meets if it was in town, and we hung out on the weekends. I started falling, and fast. There was nothing I could do. I hinted at it to you a couple times, knowing it was pointless, because you were going to a different school than I was.

During our play fights, laughing, little games, random conversations, and me realizing all of what we have in common, I fell, like I've never fell before. Only no one was there to catch me. I was so high in the clouds it took me a while to realize you weren't going to catch me.

I stopped talking to you. I stopped texting you. We stopped hanging out. I'd give you poor excuses for why I couldn't met you somewhere. We slowly faded, but I was still in love.

The next time we met, we were with other people. You were in love with her, her with you. He was in love with me, me with you. There's nothing we could have done. We hung out that day. He got alone with her. Her with him. They exchanged numbers and started texting each other more than us. After a week, we were single while they got together. We started hanging out more. It was easier for a while. Until I had to move away. On the last day you asked me why I had faded away.

So I decided to tell you the truth:

I love you. I loved you than, and I love you now. I know it doesn't matter, because you don't feel the same, and I'm moving. It was stupid of me to get all hurt by something I should be used to, but hey. You know me. I'm sorry I wasn't a better friend. I should have put my feelings aside and put our friendship first. I'm sorry.

And what did you do? You said:

I love you too. Please let me come with you, or stay here another year. Don't leave. We can make this work this time. Please. I love you.

Five years later, we're planning our wedding.

So if you like someone, don't let them go. Tell them. Even if tey don't feel the same. At least they'll know. And if they feel the same, well then. You can start your forever together sooner, rather than later.

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