Mr Mr Darcy A Nemi Story Part Eleven

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My Mr Darcy A Nemi Story Part Eleven

Submitted: August 08, 2011

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Submitted: August 08, 2011



A sudden knocking against the sturdy frame of the oak door that separated Nicholas' room from the rest of the grand estate in which they found themselves in caused both Demetria and Nicholas to jolt upright and look at each other in shock as to what they should do about their current situation in which they found themselves in.
"Answer it" Demetria ushered Nicholas towards the door pushing him slightly with her petite hand as she smiled up at him, in return Nicholas leaned down and pecked Demetria softly on the lips before throwing on his waistcoat in an attempt to look more suited for the company of whoever may be behind the door. He approached the door with much hesitation as he knew that once the person behind the door saw Demetria in his bed they would take no haste in spreading it around the estate that he had slept with his maid which of course was undutiful and un heard of certainly from a man of his class, this however did not bother Nicholas as he loved Demetria very deeply and he would do anything to protect her and so he would face the consequences he faced with as much formality as he could, and so with one last breath Nicholas breathed in one last gush of air before curling his hands around the door knob opening the door in his wake, he was taken aback when he set eyes upon the culprit who had knocked on his door moments before and for a few seconds he was speechless.
"Hello Nicholas" Came the soft silky voice that had tried to seduce him only last night when he had instead of give his love to her he had given it fully to Demetria who lay in the bed behind him with only the sheets to hide her modesty from her naked state.
"Hello Jane" Nicholas replied smiling warmly at Jane in an attempt to keep her attention on him and not his bed and who lay in it
"Would you talk with me for a minute Nicholas dear?" Jane asked as she smirked whilst she began to twirl a strand of her hair around her finger as she edged closer to the earl
"Yes I would be honoured to Miss Jane" Nicholas smiled formally as he stepped out of his room closing the door behind him to spare Demetria from the embarrassment of having to face Jane and her seduction of which she still was trying to place on Nicholas.
"What is it you would like to speak with me about My Lady?" Nicholas asked politely as he clasped his hands behind his back and stood awaiting Janes reply with much anticiptiaton as well as hesitation
"Well My Lord" Jane smirked as she reiterated the title of which Nicholas had just addressed her with moments ago "I am sure you are well aware of this, but there is a ball being held tonight and all of the guests at court which of course includes me and you are obliged to go to celebrate the week that lay ahead of us and the fun that we all await in anticipation, and so I have come to ask you whether you would escort me to the dance so as we could get to know one another better and maybe show people that we are well as you well know betrothed" Jane finished as she took another step closer to the earl leaving only a mere fingertip's amount of space between them. Nicholas was taken aback by Janes brash and abrasive comments about them being betrothed as they had not even discussed the subject of yet, although her knew it was going to happen and he knew that he would have to carry the night ahead of them out if he even wanted to gain his families and of course the Queens respect and above all else gain his fortune back in money as he had none to speak of at that current time, due to the affairs of his late father who had been an achlimest chasing after goals of gold for many years which was all of course to his avail.
"I would love to accompany you to the ball Miss Jane" Nicholas replied softly as he smiled in return to Jane's oncommings
"Very well then I shall see you tonight Nicholas" Jane soke Nicholas' name softly as her lips curved up into a smile that spelled trouble from miles away, before turning swiftly on her heels and walking away as she held her skirt in order to keep it from trimming the floor.

Nicholas turned swiftly on his heels also as he opened the door which led to his room as he walked into it only to find that Demetria was nowhere to be seen. He frantically begun searching for her as he made his way over to the adjacent room that was joined to his which was supposed to be Demetria's but was now empty due to their newly found fondness and love for each other of which they had displayed the previous night when they had made love to each other. Nicholas sighed as he approached the door that led to Demetria's room as he thought of the prospect that Demetria has perhaps dismissed him thinking that he liked Jane more so than her. Just as he reached for the door handle he felt the soft caress of somebody's hands folding themselves around his waist, he turned on his heels as he met the culprit who was encasing him in their embrace.
"Demetria" Nicholas breathed softly as he smiled down at her as she began to giggle softly in her reply
"Why yes my lord?"
"I thought you had left me after seeing Jane at the doorway" Nicholas replied as he looked down at Demetria who was still embracing him against her body
"I would never even thing of doing that you silly billy" Demetria gazed up at Nicholas who laughed in return as he pulled away from Demetria's embrace to allow his gaze to coarse over her whole body, of which was encased by one of his very own cotton undershirts which on Demetria's petite frame hung loosely at almost to the floor drowning her in its embrace.
Nicholas begun to chuckle as he looked down at Demetria whose face scrunched up into a look of horror as she looked down at herself
"Oh I am very sorry should I not be wearing this?" Demetria gasped as her hands curled around the fabric of Nicholas' shirt that she wore upon her petite body
"Oh no no I am not laughing because of that, I was merely thinking how beautiful you look in my undershirt and how small as a matter of fact"
"Oh" Demetria laughed softly as she let go of the soft fabric of the shirt as she blushed a deep crimson
"Come here" Nicholas smiled softly as he held out his arms for Demetria to step into. Demetria smiled in return to the earl's admiring gaze as she stepped closer and wrapped her arms around Nicholas' waist allowing him to embrace her softly. Nicholas smiled and kissed the top of Demetria's head before he bent his knees slightly and picked her up into his arms, Demetria sqeeled as he did so and threw back her head laughing softly as she wrapped her arms around Nicholas' neck so as she wouldn't fall to the ground below.
"You my love have an evening gown to try on" Nicholas smiled softly as he placed his lips over Demtria's as his mouth danced with hers causing Demetria to sigh happily against his lips as she pulled back and rested her forehead against his.
"And why would that be my lovely Nicholas?" Demetria breathed against his lips as she spoke before planting another short but sweet kiss against his lips once more.
"Because my darling Demetria there is a ball being held tonight and I would like you to attend with me" Nicholas smiled softly as he kissed her nose setting her down on the floor as he pulled her over towards his trunk that held many fine pieces of clothing, of which many were gowns that he had had especially made for Demetria for their trip to the Queens Court.
"Really? Your going to be taking me?" Demetria questioned as she beamed up excitedly at Demetria
"Yes of course I am now pick a gown so you can be ready for the ball my princess" Nicholas smiled as he took Demetria's hand in his as he bent his head in a bow before opening the chest for Demetria to pick a gown of her choice to wear for the ball that was to be held tonight, however as she rifled through the chest he fumbled over the thought of how disappointed Demetria would be once she found out that she would only be accompanying him to the ball and would not be by his side throughout the night, as that honour was already taken by his soon to be fiancée Jane"

"You look stunningly perfect" Nicholas breathed as he admired Demetria who twirled in her finely knit emerald gown that flowed over her curves perfectly hugging her breasts with ease and trimming the floor with a gentle air about it.
"Why thankyou my lord" Demetria dipped a curtsy as she skipped over to Nicholas and cupped his face kissing him softly as she spoke
"You are very welcome my lady" Nicholas smiled as he kissed her in return
"You look very fine tonight as well my love" Demetria smiled
"Why thankyou Demetria my dear" Nicholas beamed
"Are you ready to go and dance to night away Nicholas my love?"
"Why yes I am Demetria my love" Nicholas reiterated as he stole one more kiss from Demetria as he wrapped his arm through hers as they left their room and descended the staircase to the grand hall in which the ball was being held.

"Wow this place is so beautiful" Demetria gasped in amazement as she and Nicholas entered the ball that was bustling with people and blaring with music from the wonderful band that were situated of course near to the edge of the room so as people could dance to their hearts content.
"As are you my love" Nicholas smiled softly as he squeezed Demetria's hand
Demetria smiled up at Nicholas as she too squeezed his hand softly in return.
"Ahhh Nicholas" Came the voice that Nicholas had been dreading all day since their first encounter that morning
"Hello Jane" Nicholas smiled formally as he turned to face Jane
"I didn't know that you were bringing your maid to the ball my lord?" Jane teased as she threw a look of pure disgust at Demetria who stood timidly at Nicholas' side hanging on his arm for dear life as she dipped a curtsey to Jane the fine lady who stood in front of her
"Hello Miss jane" Demetria stuttered as she smiled softly at Jane in an attempt to keep her happy and not cause her to become moody and cause a heck of a scene
"Hell Demetria" Jane spat at Demetria as she shot her yet another distasteful look "As lovely as this reunion has been I am sad to say that I will have to pull Nicholas from your side Demetria as he has promised me he would be my dance partner for tonight didn't you my lord?" Jane smirked as she took hold of Nicholas' hands pulling him away from Demetria who stood blushing a deep crimson and biting down hard on her bottom lip to stop the tears of which had accumulated in her eyes from spilling onto her now flushed cheeks.
"I shall be back soon Demetria go and sit over there by the Queen that is where our seats are allocated" Nicholas spoke as he tried to look into Demetria's eyes of which she denied him the privilege as she turned swiftly on her heels and began to walk towards the table as she sat down next to the Queen who looked down at her with a look of pure happiness as she smiled at Demetria and began to engage in conversation with her offering her food and drink at the same time, Demetria smiled in return and accepted the kind offers of the Queen as she relaxed somewhat however Nicholas saw the pain that filled her beautiful face and the tears that were brimming in her eyes as Jane pulled him away onto the dance floor to dance the first dance of the night with her.
"Would you stop staring over at your stupid maid and focus on me and the dancing please?" Jane spoke sternly as she pulled Nicholas to face her as she placed her hands around his neck as they begun to spin and twirl their way around the dance floor.
"I am sorry Miss Jane I was just checking sure that she was getting on with the Queen alright and it seems that she is" Nicholas smiled at Jane as he spun her around the dance floor, all the while his eyes kept returning to Demetria who sat on her own in the presence of the Queen a highly sought after person but not the right person for her. As the dance came to a close and the dancers bowed and curtseyed to their partners Nicholas smiled at Jane as they awaited the next song to play so as they could continue to dance. This however was interrupted as the speaker of the night, a small old man who was quite fat and aging in his face stepped into the middle of the room as he begun to shout out his announcement.
"This next dance is a very special one as you all have to swap over partners" He bellowed out as he paused to gesture around the room at the couples who looked both shocked and excited at the prospect of changing up partners which was never ever heard of at any ball ever. "And so now is the opportunity to go and pick your new partners off you go" He bellowed as he bowed to the room and then the Queen as he stepped aside to allow the flow of excited guests to run towards their newly chose partners.

Nicholas didn't even hesitate as he strode across the room to where Demetria and the Queen were sitting deep in conversation before he cleared his throat and gained both of their attention.
"Your majesty" Nicholas spoke respectfully to the Queen who smiled at him in return
"Yes my lord what is it I may help you with?" The Queen spoke softly
"I would like your permission to take Demetria as my new dance partner as she seems a little lonely over here and I would like to make her night enjoyable your highness" Nicholas questioned the Queen who smiled in return as she spoke her answer
"Why of course you may feel free take the child, she does seem to be a little withdrawn and I am sure that she would love to dance with such a fine man such as yourself rather than speak to an old boring woman like me" The Queen laughed softly as she smiled at both Demetria and Nicholas as the earl held out his hand for Demetria to take, of which she accepted as she stood up and allowed herself to be led towards the dance floor with the earl at her side. As they entered the dance floor the music began to play a song they all knew well and that every single person who was in that room that night even the Queen it would seem from her upturned lips and her sparkling eyes, had been dancing since they were young children in the comfort of their own homes, and as the music flitted around their ears the couples on the dance floor bowed and curtsied to each other as they stepped towards one another and took each other in an embrace that was so loving it was beautiful. Nicholas smiled admiringly down at Demetria as he slipped his arms around her waist as she did around his neck as they begun to twirl around the dance floor in perfect harmony with one another and as they dipped and bounced to the music Demetria begun to relax as she looked up at Nicholas and met his eyes for the first time since they had begun dancing and for the first time since Jane has interrupted them and broke Demetria's heart from the way she took Nicholas away from her and how he had allowed it.
"I am so very truly sorry Demetria, I didn't know how to tell you and you looked so happy in your new dress and-"
"Shhh it is alright I forgive you Nicholas" Demetria smiled hugely up at Nicholas as she began to stroke the back of his neck and play with the curls that inhabited his head as he in return caressed her curves ever so so softly as they spun around the room along with the other couples who were too doing the same, and as they did so Demetria threw back her head and laughed with pleasure as she returned her gaze back to Nicholas who was laughing at her innocence and admiring her beauty. As they danced across the room a sour Jane who was sat by herself and who had not been chosen by any other man to dance with and so her gaze was attracted to Demetria and Nicholas who seemed to be having the time of their lives as they frolicked with one another as their laughter and smiles filled the room with a sense of happiness and love. Jane followed them closely and she could see that they were both caressing one another, Demetria stroking Nicholas' neck and playing with his hair as he in return caressed her curves gently as they twirled in time with the music, Jane was disgusted as she knew that Nicholas had fallen for his annoying little brat of a maid, and she knew that his heart belonged to her along with many other things it may seem, she laughed sourly to herself as she allowed herself to think of that morning when she had witnessed Demetria scurrying out of Nicholas' bed with nothing but her hair to cover her petite body of which was fully naked for all to see, she however at the time had just dismissed it as a fling as she knew full well what men wanted and she knew full well that usually they took their maids into their beds in order to fulfill their needs because after all weren't the maids there to serve their masters. However now as she watched them dancing and laughing with one another, caressing each others bodies she knew that wasn't in fact the case, and they were deeply madly in love with one another and that not even her powers of seduction could pull the apart. And so as Jane sat there sipping at her wine and Demetria and Nicholas danced the night away together, Jane smirked smugly as she knew what she must do and she knew that she had to do it soon. Jane had already hatched her plan and on the morrow she would out the earl and his stupid little maids relationship to the court and of course the Queen, so they could both be punished and the earl could once and for all be hers to marry and hers to love.

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