My Mr Darcy

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Mr Mr Darcy from Youtube

As Demetria fled the dining hall and the untimely events that had just bestowed themselves upon her, she curled her hands around the soft fabric of her skirts, allowing her legs to run freely and faster, the hem of her extravagant ball gown, of which the earl had so kindly bought for her, its finely knit silk hugged her every curve and contour, hugging her assets also, as it flowed lightly in her wake, now skimmed her ankles ever so softly, tickling them slightly as she moved. Displaying her black silk shoes, of which were Demetria's own clothing and so she wore them proudly and bravely at that, as maids who accompanied their masters to court or of course any other event of formality and high importance, were seen as below everyone else and so they were supposed to wear either their maid uniform, or a simple garment of the same nature, to display their difference in class. However Demetria had other ideas as she despised the use of classes to get someone ahead in society, as she believed that everybody no matter what age, authority, or class a person was, they should always belong and ever person had a right to be noticed, these views however weren't reiterated by many people as society was a bitch and so were the people who inhabited it.

Demetria continued to flee the scene that had just occurred, in hope that everybody would forget the incident and move on, Demetria however knew that her wishes were ones that would indefinitely not be granted. She hurriedly placed one foot in front of the other, stepping lightly as she did so, skipping softly out of the way of other maids and guests who were carrying out their daily tasks at hand. Demetria reached the doors of the grand estate in which she and the earl were so lucky to be living in. She continued to run as she bolted out of the doors escaping to the fresh air which awaited her presence with much anticipation. Once she was outside Demetria took a large intake of the cold inviting air which surrounded her, she allowed her lungs to be filled with the protruding smells the air brought, the smell of freshly cut grass tickled her nose causing her to wrinkle it in surprise,the smell of newly bought hay for the horses of the estate danced around her person causing her to smile in thought of the carriages in which the earl and herself had traveled in, a highly earnt treat for Demetria as she was used to hitching rides on the back of rickety old wooden crates of which carried goods to the market, and above all of the smells one stood out, the smell of freshly cut strawberries, Demetria's favourite, the sweet but sour smell penetrated its way both into Demetria's nose and onto her taste buds, she smiled softly and licked her lips as the familiar taste of the strawberries danced on her tounge causing her will power to drop suddenly and her urge to have some of the so delicious fruit became startlingly overwhelming. Demetria was surprised at her sudden sense of hunger, as she had only just been sat in the dining hall of which was served with such fine rich food that she thought she had gone to heaven and back. Demetria decided against her will power and caved in as she turned swiftly on her heels, as she began to walk towards the kitchens of which she knew were to the right of the property as she had seen maids and waiters going to and from in their hurried haste to serve the guests who were dining at the grand estate in which she found herself in, she followed the pebble strewn path that she was sure led to the servants quarters and of course the kitchens, and sure enough in her plain sight at the end of the pathway was a small oak wood door that looked tattered beyond belief, with its small frame holding it up with much struggle, and of course displayed on the door was a small sign which read 'Servants Quaters;Staff Only', Demetria smiled as she curled her hands around the brass door knob that lay on the door, as she turned in ever so slightly in order to open the door and to allow her to reach her comfort zone as she knew the servants quarters well.

A sudden noise behind Demetria caused her to turn swiftly on her heels once more as she turned to face the familiar warm inviting smile of her newly found friend, the earl of Dorset, Nicholas Jonas, Demetria allowed a small smile to find its way onto her lips, her mouth turning up at both sides as she breathed out and allowed her hand to drop from the servants quarters door, as she took a step forward towards the earls inviting stance.
'What may I ask are you doing my love?' Nicholas spoke softly as he asked the question Demetria knew was coming, a small smile protruding its way onto his lips also as he awaited her reply.
'I was um, I was going to get some strawberries' She stuttered ever so slightly as she fumbled over her words
'Demetria my love, you know you could have just ordered them from our room and a servant would have brought them up' He replied as he stepped towards Demetria as he smiled even more
'Y-yes my lord-Nicholas-but I just-i just' She paused as she bit down on her lip to stop herself from crying as she got frustrated with herself for allowing the earl to see her in such a state,she finally couldn't take his gaze anymore as she blurted out what she had been meaning to say since she had first saw him behind her just moments ago
'The way that, that beast of a man spoke to me in there was disgusting and no lady should be treated like that not even a maid' She paused before continuing 'It hurt me so bad and I knew what everyone in that room was thinking, that you only have me here as some sort of affair and that I mean nothing to you and that, and that I am only here to clean up the mess you make and to run around after you, well you know what Nicholas I am not okay? I am sick of being around all of you stupid snooty stuck up people and I wish to be in the comfort of my own domain, the servants quarters, as that is all I am, a servant, nothing more and nothing less, and I was stupid to think that our friendship could flourish under such strict rules and regulations the classes we are in bring' She drew in a ragged breath as she bit down on her lip even harder as she tried with all of her might to hold in the hot tears which stung her eyes and burned her throat, this however was to her avail. She cried out as she finally let go to all the anger and hurt that had been pent up inside her since her and the earl had begun their journey in the Queens Court, her chest racked with the sudden burst of cries came from within her, she drew in deep ragged breathes in an attempt to stop herself from crying and embarrassing herself in front of the earl.
'I am s-sorry for b-b-bestowing my silly s-state on you my l-lord'
The earl didn't make a reply and Demetria thought she had annoyed the earl and so he had stopped talking to her or in deed walked away, Demetria sobbed some more at this thought as she looked up to see where the earl had gone, as she did so she felt the warm embrace of his sturdy arms encase her in their warmth, he pulled Demetria close as he wrapped his arms around her petite waistline, he caressed her curves ever so softly and gently as he began to speak.
'Shhh no Demetria, there is no need to worry, I know how you must be feeling right now but I do not care what other people may think of our relationship, I love being your friend and I hold you very close to my heart, you are a very dear friend and I would never want to lose you, no matter what anyone says or what anyone does I will always stick by you and I will always be here for you, because Demetria I never want to lose you' He spoke softly as he kissed the top of Demetria's head as he stroked her hair gently in his hands. Demetria looked up at the earl as she reached up and planted a small kiss on his cheek, before pulling back and smiling her thanks.
'Thankyou my lord I do not know what I would do without you' She whispered between her breaths of which were still recovering from her earlier fit of despair.
'Nor I you Demetria' He smiled softly down at his newly found friend before he continued to speak 'Now you said you would like some strawberries didn't you?' He questioned as Demetria nodded her agreement
'Well then we shall go into the servants quarters and find you some freshly picked ones from the very fine gardens that lay in this estate, how does that sound?' He smiled once more as he pulled away from their embrace and laced his arm around her waistline as she held her close to his side, as he curled his fingers around the door knob that lay on the oak wood servants quarters door, as he opened it and began to walk through with Demetria by his side.

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Haha it's confusing a little since u didnt separate quotes but overall it wus good. there was a lot of explaining though, :]

Fri, July 15th, 2011 4:09pm


This story is from a running series on my Youtube account and describing is supposed to be used in stories otherwise you wouldn't get it, i like my stories thankyou but thanks for the critisim

Fri, July 15th, 2011 11:06am

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