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Riches and Rags Description Box

Hello my lovely little rays of sunshine how are you all doing i hope you are doing well
Before we start i know this trailer isn't as good as my other ones but i had to rush it as it was like half three in the morning and i just wanted to get it finished to show to my newly found friend who i am collaborating with Grace and so it may not be very good and i am sorry for that. Anyhoo yes i know the clips aren't of Miley and Nick they are off an English period drama which i bloody love(Yes i am English i come from South Yorkshire NOT bloody London) anyhoo yes i knew that i would be able to find the right clips for my video off Downton Abbey and i was right, anyway just pretend the maid is Miley and the Earl is Nicholas okay?

This is my new collab with Grace she is an amazingingly talented writer and has so many followers it is unreal, and we decided to do a story about a maid who just so happens to be Miley falls in love with the Earl of Dorset who just so happens to be the owner of the estate in which Miley works, and they fall so deeply in love it is unreal how deep their bond entwines into their souls, however because Miley is of a lower class than Nicholas and he is obliged to marry someone of the same class with a sufficeint doury behind them he cannot marry Miley. Will their love conqour all and will they stay together no matter what anybody says or anybody does?

All my love and blessings
Sarah xx

Submitted: July 17, 2011

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